Transfer Files from PC to PC or Android Phone Using an Apps Easily

Sometimes it becomes very essential to transfer files from PC to PC or PC to mobile phone. The data cable is only the way to transfer files between mobile and computer. Now you can share files between devices without any hassles.

You can avoid the use of data cable by installing   ‘Send Anywhere’ application into the device. This application is very easy to use for all platforms. It works on almost all devices. As a result, files can be easily transferred without using the data cable.

Features of the app at a glance

  1. This app can be used to transfer files from Windows, Mac and Linux without any means. Even the app has a Google Chrome extension. You can also transfer files to Chrome.

2. It is not required to open the phone settings option. Just open the app and select the file that you want to send. Then a 6-digit code will appear. Just put the code into the ‘send anywhere app’. Then file transfer will start automatically.

  1. The app’s very easy to use.
  2. You can set a folder to save files on your device.
  3. The app provides file sharing links to send with friends.
  4. The devices must be connected to local internet devices.
  5. The app has access to the notification.
  6. This app contains a history section from which Users can see what files have been transmitted so far.