Walton LED TV Price and Specification in Bangladesh

Walton LED TV Price and Specification in Bangladesh

Walton LED TV Price in Bangladesh

Walton is a Bangladeshi brand; Whose headquarters are located in Dhaka. Its main factory is located at Chandra in Gazipur district. Almost all of Walton Group’s products are marketed under the name Walton.

Walton Motors, Walton Mobile and Walton Electronics are the three branches under this group. Walton manufactures electronic products, vehicles and telecommunications products.

Products of Walton Brand in BD

More than 500 models of high-quality electronics and electrical home appliance products include refrigerator,  CRT and LED television,  air conditioner,  generator,  rice cooker, LED lights, LEDs, Electric Switch, Electric Kettle, Blender, Kitchen Cookware , Induction Cooker, Water Purifier, Gas Stove, Air Cooler, Auto Voltage Stabilizer, Rechargeable Portable Lamp.

5-Model of  Washing Machine, Oven, Swing Machining in BD. Walton laptop is also available at a low price in BD

There is also Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery, Vacuum Taker, Vacuum, Vacuum Multi Carry Maker.

2 Model of Water Dispenser, Room Heater, Electric Oven, Juicer, Multi-Cooker, Cloth Dryer, Rechargeable Lawn fan, weight machine, toaster and sandwich maker.

There are also automatic voltage protector, mop set, fan regulator, holder, junction box, price computing weight scale, air fryer, food processor, bread maker, stand mixer, vegetable maker, pressure cooker, etc. are available at Ajkerdeal

Walton’s own technology has the next generation of quantum dot plus technology panels on this TV. As a result, color is available on TV up to 5 percent Entertainers and sports lovers get a stunning picture of real colors.

In addition, Walton brings the country’s first multitouch feature compo TV to this year. Overall, Walton’s TV sales have grown tremendously.

The domestic company has brought a 5-inch Spectra Q TV to Walton Pavilion at the trade fair to surprise television customers at the beginning of the new year.

In the meantime, Spectra Q TV has received a lot of response from buyers and visitors coming to the fair. The price of this TV has been fixed at Rs. However, the fair customers get a 5 percent discount.

This year waton is being shown and sold in the Walton showroom and online at Ajkerdeal, with models of 8, 20, 20, 25, 12, 3, 5, 9 and 8 inches. Among them are 5, 6, 6, 9 and 12 inch 3-model Android Smart Television.

At 4 inches there are two models of Four-K smart technology. Twenty-four inches has four powerful Bluetooth sound boxed ‘boom box’ TVs on either side.

In addition to the new year and fair, Spectra Q TV has come with several new models LED TVs. Showing 3 Upcoming Models

Engineers from the television research and development department have recently invented a large screen compo TV with multitouch facilities. All functions of the TV can be controlled with the touch of a hand.

It is also used as a digital board for writing in class or seminars, or as a presentation screen in the office or at home. There are also the benefits of running various social, communication, business or entertainment apps including Facebook, Viber. There are gaming facilities with video chatting.

Johnson products available at the online shop of Bangladesh

Johnson products available at the online shop of Bangladesh

Johnson & Johnson products available at the online shop of Bangladesh

Johnson & Johnson is a company that works and produces goods to improve the aspects of the health community for people from all around the world. They are present in the industry for more than 130 years, with a principal goal to keep people of all ages in a good state, in all the stages of their lives.

They have also earned a reputation as the physicians all over the world recommend the products to be used for different health issues. This strategy of marketing the goods by the physicians quickly spread the products all over the world.

Today their product is not only found and used by America, but by the whole world. The strong principle of their goals is now trusted and accepted internationally spreading to all corners of the world today.

Image result for johnson logo

Today, with its mission and vision, Johnson & johnson is the world’s largest and most broad-ranging based healthcare company. They are continuously trying to improve the access and affordability of the products to reach out to the people in need of good health, mind, body, and environment.

They believe that their goals will help them develop a healthier community around the globe. They have been a leader in groundbreaking research and innovative health solutions. They look at the ecosystem of factors to create solutions purposefully designed to influence health behaviors associated with desired health outcomes, according to the requirements of the individuals.

In 1893 Johnson’s baby powder was introduced first into the market. Since then the company expanded and produced other products such as shampoo, baby lotions, massage oil, shower gels, and baby wipes.

All of Johnson’s baby products are soap-free, hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested and paraben-free as part of their promise to enable a healthy future for all the babies. This also caught the eye of the people that johnson succeeded to establish the best practice for infant cleansing.

Every Johnson’s product is made with the purest and highest-quality ingredients made for proper healthy development. Although there was an issue that arose in 1985 regarding the use of the baby powder, it was quickly denounced as no ingredient was found that could affect people in any way. Johnson is known to have simultaneously produced the safest products for babies.

Image result for johnson products

At the beginning of the ‘70s, Johnson & johnson started to market the baby products to families. By the ‘80s johnson’s baby became widely popular among adults as the baby products are safe, mild and gentle to use.

By the end of 1985, Johnson’s baby products were found to be used by almost 70 percent of the American adults. Johnson & johnson became a symbol of trust among all people.

The goals of the company were restored, and continue to establish trust among customers every day. It has also been found that the skin of babies have a healthier state and glow due to the moisture of the lotion as opposed to if not have been used

Ajkerdeal.com, the first online shop of Bangladesh is introducing to you the baby cosmetics and beauty skin products of johnson & johnson. As part of one of the largest and most diverse healthcare companies in the world, their baby and beauty brands leverage the company’s world-class research tools and scientific prowess to distribute the consumers across the globe with flourishing skin, sun, and hair care solutions.

Johnson’s baby has been trusted by moms and hospitals for over 115 years. Bangladesh is a third world country that started to consume johnson’s product after the ‘90s. The johnson’s baby lotion is widely popular among the adults who grew up after the ‘90s.

The fragrance of the lotion is a nostalgia to bring back memories of childhood among the adults of Bangladesh. The powder became widely popular around 1998 in Bangladesh. The price is quite reasonable for almost all the products. Buy Johnson & johnson’s baby cosmetics today to ensure a healthy lifestyle for your baby.

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Buy Fotua and Tops for Women Online in BD

Buy Fotua and Tops for Women Online in BD

Fotua and Top for Women at a Low Price:

Fotua, as well as tops, has actually ended up being a preferred and also comfortable style for modern women. You can now purchase fotua and top for females online in BD from ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal is the largest online shop in Bangladesh. It has the biggest collection of ladies’ fashion uses.

Below you can locate all sorts of fashion things for females. You will locate shoes, cosmetics, kameez, trousers, western, tops, tights and also even more. If you are searching for a wonderful pair of footwear or initial cosmetics or any kind of fashion thing, you do not need to walk around in a mall any longer.

All these things are available on ajkerdeal and you can get this being in your residence. So, see the web site of ajkerdeal as well as put an order currently.


Fotua is a type of tops. It can be called the typical top of the Indian subcontinent. Generally, they are loose as well as full-sleeved. However, the contemporary developers have actually brought way too many modifications and also modifications in the style of fotua as well as they look excellent even after the substantial changes in design.

Fotua looks really excellent if it is used with denim or tights and if a set of a ballerina or brief heel, after that the fashion will be at the leading degree. You can likewise use Koti over the fotua then it will certainly likewise look wonderful. You will certainly discover numerous types of fotua and tops on ajkerdeal. We have noted some style kind fo you to assist you to select a design on your own.

Standard Fotua:

These fotuas are the traditional ones. They hang, the sleeve is normally complete and occasionally quarter sleeves are additionally readily available. The neck is round and the most generally utilized textile is cotton for this layout.

There is a hand-stitched layout on the neck, breast, as well as wrist. This fotuas looks great with jeans or skin fit salwar. You will certainly find several of the best layouts on ajkerdeal. So, go now and also place an order.


Sleeveless Fotua:

These fotuas do not have any type of sleeves the major layout of these fotuas is in the breast as well as a reduced component of the fotua. Generally, it is long and also hides to the knee. Numerous materials can be used to make this fotua.

The neck design is likewise not defined. This fotua will certainly look terrific with leggings as well as heels. These can be a terrific style choice for any kind of party. So, browse through ajkerdeal and area order currently to get it provided.


Short Fotua:

Short fotuas are a current fad. They cover to the waistline. These fotuas hang and they can have any sleeve length. These fotuas are additionally called western fotua. You need to use them with skin fit jeans and also if you wear a set of high heels then you would certainly look impressive.

These fotuas are laid-back as well as are suggested in the hot weather. We likewise suggest that you get a lighter shade for this fotua. Brief fotua, skin fit jeans, a set of high heels as well as a pair of big sunglasses can make you keep an eye out of the world.


Front Closure Fotua:

These fotuas are front closure like a tee shirt. One more name for this fotua is t-shirt fotua. There are switches on the front of the fotua similar to a t-shirt. They are readily available in many styles, shades, material, as well as sleeve sizes.

If you obtain a longer variation of these fotuas, after that you are advised to tuck it in with a pair of pants. This will make you look extremely stunning and attractive as well. There are various kinds of collar styles offered. You will locate them with collar, without collar, v-neck, round neck, and even close neck.

You will locate all these fotuas on ajkerdeal. So visit the web site of ajkerdeal and choose currently as well as place an order. Your fotua will certainly be delivered to you within a number of days.


Ajkerdeal is the largest and most credible online store in Bangladesh. Besides the above-mentioned fashions, you will certainly discover some other layouts as well. So, check out ajkerdeal.com and also see the substantial collection of females fotua.

You can buy them anytime from anywhere and also relax. We will certainly provide your item to you within a number of days.

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Buy Mobile Gaming Devices in Bangladesh

Buy Mobile Gaming Devices in Bangladesh

Best Mobile Game Console and Gaming Device for PC in Bangladesh

The computer game is one of the most well-known methods of entertainment for us. People of any age love to play a computer game. First, there were arcade video games, then came the residence computer game gaming consoles.

Afterward, when desktop computers were readily available video games came as well as ruled for a long time still they are. In the modern age, there are mobile games. Now mobile games are ruling the world.

Video games have been around us considering that the 1950s. After that, the computer researchers started to design straightforward games as well as simulators for their own amusement objectives. Within 10 years, the students, as well as the instructors of M.I.T, began to play these video games on a regular basis.

The computer game was not popular among the general people until the 1970s or 1980s. Throughout this duration, gallery video games were presented. Gallery games were video games that had fun with joysticks, switches, video gaming consoles and numerous other controls. They were composed of vibrant graphics that were revealed by a computer system screen.

Throughout the development of the galleries, the very first generations of house consoles appeared. With these gaming consoles, individuals were permitted to play games at their homes plowing the console with the Television as well as turning the TELEVISION right into a video gaming screen.

Among one of the most favored as well as most offered games was ‘Pong’ there were plenty of clones of pong as well. Some of the renowned old game games are Donkey Kong, Packman, Room Intruder, Galaga and a lot more. Some famous old residence console video games are, Gun * Nag, Balloon Fight, Metroid, Super Mario Bros. and also extra.

At the end of the 1980s, mainframe computers were readily available. They were less expensive in cost as well as easier to utilize. So the era of computer pc gaming began. These computers were run by the DOS running system.

So these video games are called dos video games. Some renowned dos games of the 90s are Royal prince of Persia, doom, Wolfenstein 3D, battle each other, heretic, a royal prince of Persia 2, raptor as well as a lot more.

Wolfenstein 3D was the first video game to introduce the very first individual capturing video games. And also it produced a new category. In the late 90s and early 2000s, the pc began to become a lot more compatible.

LCD displays, console for computer, stereo started to create just for pc gaming as well as the computer games began to rule.

From the later 2011 smart devices started to end up being preferred. The android os opened a brand-new period of mobile video gaming. Though there were mobile video games offered at that time such as PSP, GameBoy, and so on.

However android as well as google play store gave the mobile phone customer to play video games devoid of the play shop. They can download and install and also play games for totally free. Several of the early mobile video games were angry birds, reduced the rope, sweet crush, holy place run, etc.

After that mobile multiplayer games came. Among the initial popular multiplayer video games was a clash of clans. And also currently one of the most played multiplayer mobile video games is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds mainly referred to as PUBG. PUBG is one of the highest possible played video games of perpetuity.

It can be played as a single gamer or in a team. People primarily play in a group. The participants of the team are linked and also they can have spoken communication through the earphones during the gameplay.

You and your team are tossed right into a fighting ground without any supply or tools. There are various other groups there as well. You have to survive till completion and after that you can win. So the primary strategy is to make it through.

To play this video game, you should have a multitouch mobile phone. You all at once require to relocate your hand around the display to look, relocate or fire. Long times which ends up being hard. And also if you do not have a smartphone that has multitouch, you can not play video games.

Yet not to worry. On ajkerdeal you will certainly find the very best pc gaming consoles. You can get PUBG control online in Bangladesh and also can take pleasure in the video game with no interjections. Not just PUBG control. However additionally other controls.

You will locate numerous collection of mobile video gaming devices on ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal is right here to make your on the internet shopping experience great.

Mobile Gaming Trigger:

Image result for Mobile Gaming Trigger:

Mobile gaming triggers are a unique sort of console that was designed to carry out a couple of specific tasks. The name suggests that it activates only. This indicates it is not such as a joystick, you have to relocate your player like you always do however this console will help you to fire or trigger without relocating hands.

You can now get mobile gaming trigger online in Bangladesh. You simply need to position an order and also we will deliver it to your front door.

Mobile Joysticks:

Image result for Mobile Joysticks:

Gaming Device for PC: Joysticks or joypads or gamepads resemble a push-button control for games. It has a couple of buttons and a movable stick. With the movable stick, you can move your gamer, there are arrow secrets also, with them you can make your gamer walk.

After that, there are a few other secrets with which you can regulate various other functions of your video games. The joysticks that are made use of for mobile phones are attached by means of Bluetooth. This suggests you do not need to fret about a wire or the size of the cable. You can recognize Bluetooth joystick cost in Bangladesh and also purchase them from ajkerdeal.

PUBG Video game controller:

Image result for PUBG Video game controller:

Then there is a specific controller for only PUBG. As pointed out previously, this game needs a simultaneous activity of both hands. Occasionally it comes to be harder. In pressure many gamers panic as well as a misfire of error during the gameplay.

As well as we all understand that if you die in multiplayer video games, there is no other way to reset. You have to begin a new game. To prevent this embarrassing scenario it is important to have a PUBG controller. It enables you to multitask without relocating your hands. You can currently acquire PUBG controller online in Bangladesh from ajkerdeal.

Mobile Gaming Stands:

Image result for Mobile Pc Gaming Stands:

There are some mobile video gaming stands. These stands will certainly help you to maintain your mobile phone in a steady position while you are having fun with a joystick. When you are playing with gamepads, you can not hold the mobile and the controller at the same time.

So these stands will certainly assist you to keep the phone in a much better position. So, do not obtain late, see ajkerdeal and acquire mobile stand online in Bangladesh.


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Buy Mobile Accessories Online in Bangladesh

Buy Mobile Accessories Online in Bangladesh

Samsung Display, Tripod Stand Sim Cutter Machine Price in BD

Mobile accessories and mobile phones are possibly the most crucial device in our day-to-day life. It aids us to remain connected to the remainder of the globe. Though wireless transfer of speech was around with radio for a long period of time.

However portable and also transfer of speech with mobile network is a most current innovation. The first tools that might do that were mobile but not as helpful and mobile as today. Within the stretch of time, the development of cordless and mobile innovation has created the growth of mobile phone.

Now cellular phones are a lot more popular and more growing type of phones all over the world. The major portion of the net is surfed through smart phone currently. Mobile gaming accessories online

The history of cellphone began with a visionary cartoon. In 1906 an animation was released in a public magazine qualified, “Forecast of 1907” developed by an English comic artist Lewis Baumer.

In this animation, there was a guy and a female was talking on a cellular telephone. Throughout The Second World War the army secondhand cordless radio telephone.

From this duration the smart phone started advancement. The initial devices were bulky as well as taken in big amount of power. The network was weak also.

In recent times a smart phone works as a multitasking device. It can make voice calls, send text messages, can utilize mobile broadband and brows net. Besides that a mobile phone can take photos, play music, play radio, shoot videos as well as much more.

There are some accessories related to a cellphone. Devices are things that are useful to operate a gadget yet the operation can still go on also without the accessories. These mobile accessories include earphones, lights, mobile holders, battery chargers etc.

ajkerdeal has a large collection of mobile phone accessories. These devices will make your mobile use more comfortable and delightful.

Mobile Selfy Lights Price in BD:

Mobile Selfy Lights Price in BD

Mobile Selfy Lights Price in BD

For photography, light is one of the most vital point to have. With a great application of light an average picture can come to be amazing. People currently use their smartphones to take photos or shoot videos.

To take photos or fire video clip indore, there are some exterior lights. On ajkerdeal you will certainly locate the digital photography light. These lights will certainly help you with your mobile photography too. You can purchase ring photography lights online in Bangladesh on ajkerdeal.

Mobile Sim Cutter Machine in BD:

Mobile Sim Cutter Machine in BD

Mobile Sim Cutter Machine in BD

Most of the cellphones of present time can utilize numerous sim cards. The sim cards typically is available in three sizes typical, mini and also nano. Previously mobile phone used typical or full sized sim cards.

Now to make the device a lot more concealable and also to make it look extra slim as well as appealing, the majority of the brand-new models of smart devices given that 2013 are making use of mini or nano sim cards. But all of the old customers who have full sized sim cards needed to buy a new sim but not to fret anymore.

Ajkerdeal has the solution for you. On ajkerdeal you will locate the macro and nano sim cutter. This cutter cuts the sim card in excellent dimension of mini or nano cards. You can currently buy sim cutter online on ajkerdeal.com

Mobile Sim Adapter Price in BD:

Mobile Sim Adapter Price in BD

Mobile Sim Adapter Price in BD

If somebody has the new micro or nano sim card and they lost the various other components of it. And also they wish to install the sim card into a complete dimension sim owner, than you need to need a sim adapter.

Sim adapter permits you to transform your nano sim right into mini or full dimension and also your mini sim to full size sim cards.

Water Proof Mobile Bags Price in BD:

Water Proof Mobile Bags Price in BD

Water Proof Mobile Bags Price in BD

Waterproof mobile bags are extremely vital and enjoyable to have. A water resistant mobile cover safeguards your phone from water damage and it also allows you to run the phone.

The waterproof bags will certainly safeguard you from rain, pools, diving as well as even more. Having this cover, you will be able to protect your phone along with do enjoyable points, such as underwater photography, underwater video shooting, video clip capturing and also photography during heavy rainfall and even more.

Mobile Tripod Stands in BD:

Samsung Display, Tripod Stand Sim Cutter Machine Price in BD Mobile Tripod Stands in BD

Samsung Display, Tripod Stand Sim Cutter Machine Price in BD Mobile Tripod Stands in BD

Tripod stands are a kind of things stand which bases on three legs. Therese stands are primarily utilized with cam, cellphone, holding light, holding sound system etc.

However one of the most typical use of it is with a camera or smart phone. This enables the gadget to maintain and shoot video clips or take pictures completely.

Tripod are not just utilized for video cameras. There are mobile tripods as well. These tripod stands will assist you to fire videos or take pictures completely.

Mini Pocket Router for Mobile in BD:

Mini Pocket Router for Mobile in BD

Mini Pocket Router for Mobile in BD

Pocket router is a very helpful gadget. This thing can turn any place into a tiny WiFi zone. You just have to place a sim card in it with cellular information readily available and turn it on.

Within a couple of minutes it can turn your surroundings into a Wi-fi zone. This gadget is extremely beneficial when you are traveling with your team. You can currently acquire WiFi pocket router online on ajkerdeal.com

Data Cable,  Battery and Samsung charger Price in BD:

Data Cable,  Battery and Samsung charger Price in BD

Data Cable,  Battery and Samsung charger Price in BD

Cable or chargers are the most crucial devices of smart phones. There are two kinds of charger offered. One is traveling battery charger. In which the wire and adapter is taken care of.

An additional one is divided. Which indicates you have to purchase a charging cable or data cord as well as an adapter. There are 2 sorts of battery charger based upon the type of cable television.

Kind A or mini USB cable and also type C battery charger. You can get all of them from ajkerdeal.

Other Mobile Accessories in Bangladesh:

Mobile Accessories in Bangladesh

Mobile Accessories in Bangladesh

There are some other crucial devices that serve for a cellphone. Such as mobile locker. Mobile storage locker is an anti theft device. It secures the phone inside your pocket so it can not be stolen.

There is tab cover. Tab covers with keyboard is an extremely helpful thing to have. It enables you to utilize your tab as a laptop. We also have anti radiation device. It is a tool that secures your mind from radiation from a reduced battery mobile.

Consistent direct exposure to this radiation can cause mental retardation. We also have actually headphone bag bags, mobile replace display, wire organizer, tiny OTG followers and also more. You can now acquire them easily on ajkerdeal.

Ajkerdeal is the largest as well as most trustworthy on the internet buying store in Bangladesh.

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Get Guitar Gig Bags, Guitar Straps Online in Bangladesh

Get Guitar Gig Bags, Guitar Straps Online in Bangladesh

Get Guitar Gig Bags, Guitar Straps Online in Bangladesh:

Guitar bags and straps are extremely essential if you go out having your guitar with you. Guitar bags will certainly permit you to lug your guitar more comfortably and will safeguard your guitar from minor damages and also dirt. As well as if you wish to play your guitar while standing, than there is no alternative of having a guitar strap.

Guitars have been around us for a long time. Though it is frequently thought to be a Spanish origin tool. But the ancestors of guitar were very first created by the Arabs. Later the Spanish established and also customized the guitar as well as offered it its current type. The guitar is a stringed as well as stressed instrument. It is made of timber. There are 4 main body parts of a guitar. Body, fretboard, neck and headstock. The body of a guitar is made of plywood and is hollow inside. There is a hole removed to enhance the sound. The one end of a long neck is accompanied the body. And other end is called headstock. The fretboard or fingerboard is connected on the front side of the neck. The fretboard consists of some frets, mostly 22 but some has 24 or more. The stresses are guarded by some brass bars. There is one dot in third, fifth, 7th, 9th, 15th, 17th, 19th and also 21st fret. And also 2 dots on 12th as well as 24th fret. These dots are called fretboard pens.

Usually a guitar has 6 strings. The strings can be steel or nylon. Both string collections has a different sound and also application. The nylon string acoustic guitars are additionally called classic guitar. These classic guitars are had fun with finger plucking. These guitars are used in Spanish Symphonic music. Classic guitars are extremely relaxing and they have a lighter and natural audio. On the various other hand the steel string guitar has a begin its audio and is one of the most popular. Steel string guitars are played with a choice or fingers.

The strings of the guitar are listened E A D G B E notes from bottom to top. The thickest and the uppest string is called the lowest or the 6th string or lower string as well as the thinnest string is called the top or high or the first string. Both of them are tuned in the exact same note but one in a higher pitch and various other in a lower. The primary philosophy behind guitar having fun is you need to change the length of the string by pressing the stresses with the finger and strumming or plucking them with other hand.

Guitars are popular in our country. There are lots of guitar players in practically every city in Bangladesh. Youngsters are obtaining drew in to the tool as well as there is a lot of capacity in these young kids. To learn guitar you should have a guitar. Without having your very own guitar, it is really difficult to discover as well as exercise guitar. With a guitar you likewise need some accessories like guitar picks, strings, guitar bag, guitar belt etc. you do not need to bother with these things any longer. On ajkerdeal you will certainly discover all your essential guitar accessories.


Acquire Guitar Bags:

Guitar bags are likewise referred to as job bags or guitar covers are really crucial for a guitar. Bags safeguard the guitar from minor damage or scrape or dirt. It likewise safeguards the strings from obtaining corroded. There are 3 significant high qualities of guitar covers. The very first one is a regular cover. It is made from simply one layer of bag making material. It can just protect the guitar from dirt. These covers are not recommended for a pricey guitar. The second one is foam bag. These bags are average quality. They are constructed from one layer of textile as well as a layer of foam. So it is able to shield the guitar from small scrapes or dents. As well as the last one is job bags. These bags are made of several layers of solid material as well as foam. It safeguards the guitar also from small falls. You can travel with your guitar in these bags. These bags are very advised for you. You can get guitar bags online from ajkerdeal. And also you will certainly locate the very best bags with affordable price.

Buy Guitar Straps:

Guitar bands or guitar belts are really important for live programs. They assist you to play the guitar while standing. To choose a great band is very important due to the fact that if the high quality of the strap is bad, than the natural leather that holds the guitar can be damaged anytime and also the guitar might have an excellent loss. So it is very vital to have a good band for your cherished guitar. On ajkerdeal you will certainly discover some highest guitar strap that can hold your guitar perfectly. You need to go to ajkerdeal.com and find a band for your guitar and get them online.