Facebook extends the deadline to delete Facebook account permanently for those users who want to delete their account. Earlier, it was required 14 days to permanently delete an active account. Now Facebook authority increases 30 days from 14 days after application, sources said.

According to the new decision, if any user wants to delete their Facebook account permanently, they will have to wait 30 days after application. The account will be automatically deleted after 30 days. If the user changes their decision to back in again they can come back within 30 days.

delete facebook account permanently

Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Facebook officials said, “We’ve extended the deadline for Facebook account delete. We notice many users try to logging back after deleting their account. The user may come back into their Facebook account within 30 days. We extend 16 days more to reconsider to get back into their account.

Experts say Facebook wants to capture their respective users via this decision. Recently many users had applied to delete their Facebook account due to some scandal especially Cambridge Analytical scandal. Facebook expects the user could come back into their account again. For this reason, Facebook has taken these initiatives so far.

So now you can delete your facebook account permanently, but you have to wait for 30 days.

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