Today we are going to discuss about “why need a website”. Before going to discuss, lets know the definition of website.

website is a number of some pages over the internet.  it may be a storehouse of information, the virtual address of your business, online identification of your business, online store, Online Shopping Mall or online marketplace etc.

Now a day, if we want to know about something, we do not ask someone, we directly search on the internet without any doubt. Because we believe that everything is available on the internet.


students search for information about study material, people search for product or services online or something else. At present time people do shopping online in Bangladesh.

However, A website is very important for the business in this modern world. People become very smart in demand of time. Everyone is connected to the internet.

If we want to get our business online, we must have a permanent and trusted virtual address on the internet, where people can interact with us.  It will help our business to get more customer, increase our brand awareness etc.

For example, you are doing business, and you don’t have any online presence, then you are losing many of your customers.

We are doing offline business and getting customer near to our area, it becomes impossible to reach the different customer in a different place until we bring the store to them, bringing the store is impossible in offline.  but if do business in online and we have a store that can bring to the customer, we can get more impression and sell.