Sky Guide Provide the Detailed of Space!

Many people want to know about the space observing the stars at night. To find out relevant information about the space people usually, search books or the internet for hours.

However, if the app called ‘Sky Guide’ being installed on the phone then you could get rid of this problem. With this application, you can know the details about thousands of stars and planets.

Features of the app Sky Guide at a glance

  1. The app will help to satisfy those who are interested in space research like the sky, the stars, and so many things.
  2. With the help of the app, you will be able to collect information about artificial satellite information.
  3. Detailed information about the location of planets and galaxies can be known.
  4. It is able to determine the location of the sky through a GPS location. But this will require an internet connection.
  5. The app could be controlled by tapping that will be helpful to monitor the location of the sky. The location will also be seen in a 3D view.

The size of the app is 241 MB, it has been rated 4.94 marks. iOS users can use the app. Just download it and then install into your device.

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