Today the world is Digital so that everything goes online. Now a day’s people become very smart, everyone is connected to the internet. People become digital in according to the demand of time. We can reach them online mode rather than offline.

Nowadays Business is very easy with the help of internet. We all know that ultimate goal of business is selling a product or providing service in search of benefit.

Marketing is the key factor of business, and now it’s very easy to do marketing because of the internet. Before going to discuss Online Marketing in Bangladesh, let’s know about the definition of Marketing and Online Marketing.

Marketing: Marketing means promoting business product or service according to the goal of business. In this way, we go to customer or client and discus about our product or services to make them interested in it. But it’s very time wasting and costly.

Online Marketing:

Online marketing means doing marketing over the internet. in this way our goal is same as like as offline. We sell our products or services over the internet. its very time consuming, effective and limited cost. Again, we can reach targeted customer according to our business goal. We can reach more people online rather than offline, and it save our money and time.



For example, we want to sell SEO service or Digital Marketing service in Bangladesh. First of all, we have to identify our targeted clients. Then, how do I recognize my clients? Who Need SEO, SMM or Digital Marketing service?

In according to the product or services, our client might be doing business online, they might have a website.

Like these, if we want to sell a hard material product we have to identify the customer who is interested in our product.  If we can reach more people, we can get more impression, we can get more interested customer. So, Online marketing is the only one way to reach thousands of people at once in a limited cost and little time, that we cannot in offline.

If we raise a question that, how many customers we can reach in a day offline? Most probably the answer will be maximum 10 to 20 per day. If we have the same question for online, we can confidently answer that the number will be unlimited. Even these customers are specified and targeted.

Finding client according to the goal is very difficult in offline. Because we don’t know who is our targeted customer. But in online we can find our targeted customer resources very easily. Because our targeted customers are online as you are doing business over the internet.

In offline we may get the limited impression because we can reach a limited customer.  On the other hand, we can reach the unlimited customer and unlimited impression online. Because smart peoples, everyone is connected online via social media or any other platform. So it’s very easy to get leads from the internet.

There is another benefit of online marketing is ‘Branding’. We can make our business brand online very easily with a limited cost and limited time.

At last, we can say that Online Marketing is the best and strongest way for the business. It is very effective marketing strategy ever in this digital world. This strategy not only saves our money and time but also increase our business brand awareness and sell.