Now Enjoy MNP Service Without Paying Any  SIM tax

The government is releasing SIM TAX from users who want to migrate into different operator keeping mobile number unchanged. As MNP charge the subscriber had to pay 100 taka more as sim replacement tax to avail this MNP service.

The acting chairman of BTRC Md. Jahurul Haque ensured the tax releasing matter to media. Directions have been sent to the NBR on behalf of the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday. Although it has not yet been issued by NBR.

Managing Director of Teletalk, Mabrur Hussain told to the journalist that it is a good news for the customer. They had to pay Tk 150 to 155  to get the service. Now they will have to pay only 57 taka. More customers will take advantages from this service due to a tax cut.

7.5 taka has been included as VAT along with 50 taka service charge. As this consequences, the customer will avail this service only by 57.5 taka.

Since the customer has to change the SIM,  Therefore, the operator has to provide 100 taka as replacement Tax to the NBR. Here the operators are taking this money from the customers.

So the customer is spending 157.50 taka every time to take the service.

For the emergency case, the customer will have to another 100 taka that costs total 272.50 taka15% taxes.  The prepaid subscribers will not be required to provide emergency fees as the service is being completed within 10 to 15 minutes. first day of Around 10,222 customers has requested to take the service from the first day of the launching in October.