Low-Cost Internet Service will be Available in Bangladesh

Internet will be Available at a Low Cost in Bangladesh.

AT&T is a company that is working to develop a new technology to reach the marginalized population easily and at a lower cost. They have been working with a technology called ‘AirGig’ for the last two years, which can be used to reach Gigabit speed internet in the remote areas. And this will only require electrical connections.

Researchers believe that the technology will be able to reach the Internet at a lower cost than the satellite. Even in the future, mobile operators will also be able to serve it. And it is also thought that technology will be a blessing for online markets like Bangladesh.

The technology will need electricity connections. In AirGig technology, each electric poles will have a transmitter unit, which they are saying ‘Egg’. Units connecting poles from poles will create the flow of the Internet. Units will use high-frequency networks for communication.

The signal on this particular network will not spread around people on the electricity cable. As a result, the value of the network signal will not fluctuate.

Then the subscriber will be used to reach the stage connection. In the meantime, it has tested and tested, with the technology to create a connection of 90 Gigabit speed. It can be shared between 50 to 100 megabytes and the subscriber can provide internet services.

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