Huawei Opens Artificial Intelligence Portfolio

Chinese technology firm Huawei unveiled AI portfolio which is applicable to all.

The third annual ‘Huawei Connect’ program has been inaugurated at the World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, China. Huawei’s Rotating Chairman Eric Zhu announced about AI portfolio on this occasion.

The theme of the program has been set ‘Activate Intelligence’, where AI and its challenges, advantages, inventions and uses are being emphasized. The AI portfolio includes chips, chips activation, training framework and app activation. And ‘All Scenario’ means the application of artificial intelligence in numerous fields. It will include, public cloud, private cloud, edge computing, industrial IOT device and consumer device.

Huawei’s Rotating Chairman Eric Zhu said that Hu’s AI strategy will work to invest in the fundamental research and to develop merit, to form a complete artificial intelligence and accelerate the efforts of building a global ecosystem.

He said that they always use AI in Huawei. They are using AI to develop efficient management, to expand the telecom sector network, to introduce the Intellectual Consumer Service in the Consumer Market.

Huawei said more than 40 billion personal smart devices will be used in the world by 2025, of which 90 percent of devices will be used as smart digital assistants. Data usage will be 86 percent and the AI service will be available.

Huawei Connect-2018 continued till 12 October 2018.