How Does Search Engine works?

Search Engine is a very strong program that can find any information on the internet like finding a pearl on the ocean



Actually, the core duty of a search engine is searching content out on the internet and deliver a qualitative and relevant content based on the keyword or phrase search by any user. Google search engine is very strong in the world then than the other.

For example, when a user search for a content using a keyword like “online marketer in bd” Crawler will analyze thousands of ever visited and qualitative web pages and then it will synchronize those pages through numbering and display the most relevance qualitative results on the front page of SERPs. Crawler also prefer to display authentic content.

Crawler is also known as Bot or Spider. It has very strong algorithm that it can examine content quality and authenticity. But still it is trying to develop its algorithm and making it database an ocean with more content.

Another most important duty of crawler is to index all new content from the internet.

From where crawler collect content?

When a web search is made by any user, crawler made a quarry for the relevance content which is already indexed in its database.

Before showing results search, engine evaluates a lot of different factors (almost 200) to pick the results including how your content is written, what’s your focus keyword, how authenticate your website is by other websites? works before the results. Crawler looks for two most important things when searching for any content.


Crawler is determining to analyze thousands of webpages for the relevance content on the internet. Because, it always tries to show the relevant results on SERPs. It tries to matched the keyword or phrase exactly with the content, and show up on the search engine result pages.

For example: when a user made a web search regarding the keyword like “ SEO Service”, crawler can understand that the user is searching for information about that phrase. So, it analyze those webpages which a has a great relevancy and keyword focus content on this topic and get those webpages on the first page of SERPs.

Again, when a user search for a local keyword like SEO Service in BD” crawler can understand that the user is looking for a SEO service provider near his business. So it took those relevant webpages on the first page.


2nd point is ‘Authenticity’, which is very important to come up on the first page of search engine. Because, crawler also prefer to get authentic content on the SERPs.

For example, when a web search is made, crawler look for authentic web pages and content.

Now the question can arise that how search engine measure authenticity of a webpage. It’s simple, crawler looks for the reference or vote by another authentic website, we may call this process backlink creation.  Another process is review, which is totally depends on the internet users.