Google Announces to Shut Down Google Plus for Massive Data Exposure

Following a massive data exposure, Google has announced that it is going to shut down its social network Google+ for consumers.

The company made this remarks after discovering a security vulnerability that exposed the private data of up to 500,000 users. Details of users included static data fields such as name, email, occupation, gender and age were exposed unofficially.

Google did not inform its users about the security issue when it was found in March to keep hold their image. Because it didn’t appear that anyone had gained access to user’s profile data, demanded google authority saying that it is not a serious issue. But the wall street journal has reported that Google+ had some security problems. Google’s share price immediately fallen by 2% after the release of the article.

Google+ was unveiled to boost Facebook, in 2011.

It never received the broad adoption or engagement with users.  90 % of Google+ user sessions last for less than five seconds, the authority said.

However, Google+ platform will continue as a product for enterprise users. Google will shortly announce new Enterprise-focused products for Google+ in the near future.