Facebook Debuts Smart Speaker to Make Video Call Easy

Facebook on Monday released a smart speaker to make video calls easy. The device called ‘Portal’ comes with a screen and speaker that is designed for kitchens and living rooms. Smart speaker market is an emerging market. Therefore, Facebook has also launched a smart speaker to compete with its rival Amazon, Google, and Apple.

Video calling device released by Facebook has two versions. One version called portal and another one is portal+. The  Portal costs $199, has a 10-inch screen with 1280*800 pixel display and weighs 2.7 pounds. Meanwhile, the Portal+ costs $349 and has a larger, rotating 15.6-inch screen which weighs 7.4 pounds and includes an embedded mini-subwoofer that adds extra bass for quality sound. Portal and Portal+  will be available by upcoming November.

The device will not record any conversations. To make a call just sends voice commands into Facebook servers after you say, ‘Hey Portal’.It will be automatically activated. They can call within  Facebook Messenger connections. Facebook Messenger is a current requirement for Portal users for video calls. But people who will receive those calls are not required to own a Portal, and can instead take them on their smartphones as long as they are using Facebook Messenger.

The company’s “smart camera” technology can automatically follow users while they move into a room. The user will be always at the centre of the screen, even while moving around the kitchen. The camera is designed to pan slowly. simultaneously it may connect at least seven friends into a group call. Portal users can add silly animations. A user can provide a password of 4-12 digit to lock the screen.