Facebook to Add 250-Person Chats in Groups

Facebook has been introducing a new feature known as intergroup Messenger chats. Around 250 people may chat at a time under this feature, a technology-based media TechCrunch has reported this issue.

The chattings are also supportive to audio or video calls with up to 50 people. The users in big groups like a book club or surfing club will be able to have smaller conversations. These are including like local meetups, gossiping, event sharing and so on which are relevant to the entire group.

All members of the group can view everything that they share or converse with each other In-Group chats. Anyone could be invited to the group to join. Actually, Facebook will not spam you with notifications for each message in the thread. You have to join into this group spontaneously. Then the users will be able to get further notifications when they’re directly involved in this group chat. Admin of this group chat can remove somebody who will violate the group rules. Admins are able to shut down chats. Only admins can start threads to help limit spam.

Facebook will slowly roll out the new Messenger features to Groups starting from October.

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