E-Courier Brings Advance Warehouse Service for E-Commerce in Bangladesh

E-Courier brings some advantages to replace the e-commerce sector of Bangladesh. E-commerce based online courier service provider E-Courier will provide warehouse facility to all Bangladeshi e-commerce business. On this occasion, the company has contracted with five popular e-commerce marketplaces of Bangladesh like Ajkerdeal.com, Bagdoom.com, Kiksha.com, Priyashop.com, and Othoba.com. These company will be provided warehouse service by E-Courier. the company inaugurated their warehouse service in a press conference at the Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) auditorium on Thursday.

CEO of E-Courier, Biplab Ghosh said that the e-commerce of Bangladesh is expanding fast. As well as the seller is also growing. They have ‘home delivery service’ to make their online marketing business easy and to satisfy their valued customer. But there is a lot of problems with product stock management, packaging, labeling, product quality testing and quick access to the whole country. To overcome this problem, the E-Courier is introducing advanced warehouse facilities. It has fast online processing, packaging, labeling and home delivery services. There is a separate preservation system depending on the size, shape, and condition of the product. Tracking application based on the shape and product is also available.

Biplob Ghosh said that the use of E-Courier will help Bangladesh’s E-commerce sector go forward.

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