Beware of the fake Google Play Store!

Hackers made new scheme to hack Android. Hackers have come up with a malware ‘Google Play Marketplace’  on Android devices which is Just like what Google Play Store looks like. The icon of the Google Play Marketplace has been made by imitation of the Google Play Store icon. Hackers have planned to hack your Android device using this new malware.

Experts are advised to stay away from this very malicious malware. As a result, all the details of any banking transactions you make on your phone will be easily accessible to hackers. In future, this Trojan can cause more damage to the device.

In one blog post, it has been reported that this Trojan has the potentiality to become harmful. In the future, this Trojan could be more dangerous with the new .NET code. That means, without completely updating this Trojan, the hackers can make it more powerful by inserting new code inside the Trojan itself.