Buying a phone, that is, buy the back cover with the phone inevitably. But after buying expensive phones, you lose the desire to buy back cover seeing the price of back cover. To protect our expensive smartphone we must have to back case cover. Not for protection, we also buy back cover case to decorate our smartphone. Especially the girls buy the colorful back cover, even they try to match the color of the back case cover with their dress color.

Usually, there are two types of cover on the mobile phone. 1. Single Back cover, 2. Flip cover. There are different types of material made back cover. There are also covers of leather, rubber, and plastic. There is different design on the cover. Sometimes stone, 3D cartoon characters can be seen in the back cover as design. There are also various colors and frame cover for metal fans. There is a sleek design cover in the market. The back cover only covers the outer part of the phone. On the other hand, the flip cover covers both the front and back sides of the smartphone.

Back Cover Price in Bangladesh

The price of the back cover varies according to the brand, quality, and design. 

  • Apple’s iPhone back cover will cost 300 to 1,200tk and flip covers will get 500 to 2000 taka. Various design backs and flip covers will get 500 to 2,500. 
  • Samsung’s back cover is available from 250tk to 1000tk. The flip cover price is 400 to 12000. The design cover price range between 500 to 2,800 
  • Nokia back cover can be available between 250 and 800tk. Any type of Lumia series will cover 300 to 1000tk. 
  • The Sony brand phone cover is available at 250 to 500tk and flip cover at 300 to 1000tk. Different interesting design covers will cost 500 to 1500tk. Apart from this, you will get Flip cover of these smartphones from 200 to 400tk, 
  • HTC, Symphony, Walton back cover price range is between 150 to 350tk.

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