A4TECH Computer Accessories Shopping Online in Bangladesh

The fastest-growing brand in the manufacturing business of computer peripherals and accessories, gifted with experts in their distribution team, who are able to deliver goods all over the world. This company was founded in 1987, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. The consistent contribution to provide the world with high-tech products has helped them find faithful customers and remain competitive in the global market. They have Keyboards, mice, PC cams, hubs, headsets, speakers and gaming devices under their own brand name.

The most reliable, affordable and trusted product for customers with high product longevity. The quality is absolutely minded striking, and very easy to use. They also happen to have their own brand for the gaming gears known as ‘Bloody’. Extraordinary categories and choices of goods to choose from, with guaranteed performance satisfaction. A very comfortable brand to adapt with, along with the fantastic sensors with advanced configuration. They also install some damage prevention methods in most of the technologies to stop passing signals if water or other fluids are accidentally spilled on the device. According to the updates of 2010 statistics, they managed to produce and ship 80 million units of various PC peripherals in the global market. In order to meet the high demands of the customers, they established a perfect quality and quantity management to keep the satisfaction of customers at check.

Two categories of mice and 5 different types of keyboards are available. Wired mice and keyboards are incredibly durable and have great precision to work with. Some mice have 4-way wheels, however all the wheels are dust resistant. At least 8 selected hotkey commands can be found. The mice and keyboards are physically designed perfectly that makes it impossible to slip your hand and saves the space for your desktop. 5 million clicks are guaranteed in all the keys of mice and keyboards.

Most of the keyboards have an adjustable keyboard height. Drain holes in keyboards are positioned to drain the fluids off the keys for precautions. No mouse pads are required as the smoothness and the accuracy remains the same anywhere including furry surfaces. The designs in both Wired and Wireless mice and keyboards provide you with great control and precision to work effortlessly. Wireless mice and keyboards have a great sporty look making an exceptional desktop for you. Excellent wireless connection with zero delays in action. Ultra slim keyboard keys for fast responsive rate from the category of slim keyboards with quiet keys to work with. The wireless keyboards have a great operating range. The battery life extends up to more than a year. Some categories of mice have SOC Technology to help you work from great distances and maintain stable connections. More than 10 hotkey command buttons are positioned to perform the actions faster with an in built power saving technology.

Illuminated keyboards are installed with low, soft lights that allow the user to work in the dark. Laser inscribed keys ensure you to identify the keys for systematic performance. Fast access to the useful function using hot key buttons.

Headsets have excellent equalization properties, to perfectly balance the tones to your favourite tunes with noise cancellation, adding excellent clarity to your calls online or offline with a unidirectional microphone which can be twisted to bring closer to your mouth for making your voice loud and clear to your recipient. For your convenience, tangle free cables provide high durability with a hook to hang your headset by your monitor. The headsets come in comfortable shapes with leather cushions, adjustable heights and volume buttons to fit your highest level of comfort.

The earphones come in different materials including metal to prevent unwanted vibrations and noise from the surrounding. Which eventually facilitates you to listen to music at a lower volume in a loud environment, protecting your ears from damaging. At least three pairs of silicon sleeves of different sizes are given for you to find out the most comfortable piece to put in your ears. The microphone and remote control contain buttons to receive and end calls, as well as to play and pause music. Durable even-length cable that suits your feel and easy to manage. 

Advanced Webcam technology with the best quality recording with optimum level picture quality in low lights and noise cancellation facility to pick up the right sound from all directions with marvelous clarity.

There is also a different category for gamers only, which provides you with the most stunning consoles to perform at the top-notch level while you are in the game. It allows you with every resource to play with lowlights over all devices for you to identify the keys and components in the dark. It is designed in the most user-friendly way to leave you with zero effect on yourself and your surroundings.

These are the magic A4tech will provide you with no matter what you buy from them. They promise you quality, power efficiency, durable products, guaranteed accuracy, sensitive to responses, precision and what not? Their core philosophy is to develop and adapt to the advancement of the product according to people’s demands around the globe. So choose your product and just relax while you enjoy the life with A4tech products.