16 Camera Smartphone will be Launched by LG

How many camera sensors can have on a smartphone? Talking about two to three days till then. But now the fight against the camera makers has started. A few days ago Samsung added four cameras behind their smartphones. But South Korea’s technology company LG has planned to surpass everyone. They want to add 16 cameras behind the smartphone. Already the Patent Office of the US (ESPTO) has approved the application of LG’s patent applications.

In a post published in Dutch blog Letsgo Digitally, LG has designed 16 cameras to install on their smartphones. The matrix structure will be arranged by the cameras. This allows users to take pictures from different directions. Because of multiple sensors, you can get a picture from different directions. Outside of this there will be improved face recognition technology. There will be a mirror under this camera sensor, so that there will be a chance to take cellphones using the same camera.

Such cameras can be used for smartphones or special phones with the convenience of folding technology. According to an IANS report, LG could create a folded smartphone

The company has suggested to create a new smartphone as Samsung’s rival. They applied for three Brand Name Flex, Foldie and Duplex for the European Union Intellectual Property Office. They were applied in class 9 categories. That is, LG will walk in the direction of creating future smartphones in the future. New camera may be used on the new phone.