Buy Newest Electronics as well as Gadgets Online in BD

Buy Newest Electronics as well as Gadgets Online in BD

Buy Newest Electronics as well as Gadgets Online in BD:

Electronic devices are our everyday companions nowadays. You can currently buy electronic devices and devices online in Bangladesh at an affordable rate from ajkerdeal. There is a significant collection of latest and also recently arrived digital gizmos on ajkerdeal. You would be happy to know that every one of them come at a budget-friendly price. If you are a device freak than you ought to visit the new arrival list of gadgets on ajkerdeal and make your life much more beautiful.

Buy Gadgets on Ajkerdeal:

Ajkerdeal has a substantial collection of latest digital gizmos. You can get devices, electronic products or devices online on ajkerdeal. From the huge collection of gizmos you can locate what you need as well as can buy them at a very affordable cost. A few of the most up to date gadgets offered on ajkerdeal are,

Camera & Video Camera Add-on:

Video camera is a need to have tool in the contemporary world. You require a cam to save the crucial as well as unforgettable minutes of your life. On ajkerdeal you will discover numerous type of electronic cameras. You can buy DSLR cameras on ajkerdeal. DSLR electronic cameras are very solid and they have various features. They can work as a video clip and digital photography cam both. You can purchase most current DSLR on ajkerdeal at a budget friendly rate. There is also action camera or sports electronic camera as some refer to it as. Action cameras are an additional popular video camera. It is little and also portable in size as well as have numerous video recording setting in ultra-high interpretation quality as well as high frame rate. You can tape-record in sluggish motion or time lapse mode with this electronic camera. You can buy some finest yet at a cost effective cost activity cam. Not only Video or still video camera, you will certainly also locate safety electronic cameras on ajkerdeal. You will certainly also discover accessories for these cams like cam cleaning packages, activity camera place, tripod stand and also more. You will certainly locate them on

Speakers and Headphones:

Speakers are extremely essential to have in contemporary times. You can utilize them with your COMPUTER, laptop computers, TV or perhaps smart phones. There are numerous kinds of audio speakers. You can pick one according to your need. There are mini USB audio speakers. They are powered by a USB cord. You can take it anywhere and play music connecting with your phone. There are tool audio speakers which are normally made use of for home or office COMPUTER. and afterwards there is multimedia speakers or house theaters. These audio speakers are very valuable for movie enthusiasts. It develops a 3D sound result. These house cinemas will make your motion picture or gaming experience more active. You will additionally locate finest and newest earphones on ajkerdeal. These headphones will provide you a chilling songs experience. They have an excellent equilibrium of bass, mid as well as low. You can purchase them on ajkerdeal as well as get it delivered to your area.

Battery & Power Financial Institution:

Virtually every electronic device is powered by battery in modern-day times. Any type of digital device, all of them requires battery. On ajkerdeal you will find numerous sort of battery for numerous devices. You will find rechargeable batteries. We require AA dimension battery for our remotes, clocks and so on it is really a good idea to have rechargeable batteries as opposed to acquiring a new pair each time. You will likewise locate electronic camera battery. If you are taking place a long trip you should have 1 or 2 additional camera battery with you or you might obtain disturbed by a dead battery. Power banks are likewise extremely essential nowadays. It is a power storage space gadget that can be connected to any type of device via a USB wire. You can purchase these battery as well as power count on

TV in BD:

Televisions are a popular source of entertainment as well as also a public media. Almost every family has a television. On ajkerdeal you will find some very terrific LCD, LED and clever television. You can get as well as it will be supplied to your place within a brief time.

New Model AC:

Air Conditioners are an extremely comforting electronic tool for our country. Bangladesh is a sub-tropical nation that is primarily humid and also warm. Having an AC can make your life much more simple as well as comfy. Ajkerdeal has a good collection of a/c. You can choose your brand name and size and also buy them online on ajkerdeal.

Desktop Computer as well as Laptop Computers:

Computer systems are probably the very best present of modern-day science. There is nothing we can not do with a computer system. Computer systems have actually come to be a daily household maker nowadays. There are two major sorts of computer system, laptop computer as well as desktop computer. Desktop computer are a computer system including different parts. It is a great option for office and also residence usage. Desktops have ended up being really low-cost nowadays. On ajkerdeal you can find desktop computer with different arrangements. You can pick the most effective arrangement under your budget plan and can buy it on ajkerdeal. Laptops have actually become extremely vital, helpful and also popular computer system. Its functions and also softwares resemble a desktop but unlike the desktop it does not need any type of different parts. All of it comes as one. They are portable, mobile and also very easy to carry. You can take them to function, school, trip or anywhere you want. They can operate on battery without a power connection for 4 to 7 hours relying on the battery ability and usage. Currently you can purchase well-known as well as most recent laptop computers on You simply need to pick one as well as put the order. The remainder gets on us. We will send your laptop computer to you within a couple of days inside Dhaka.

Smart Watch:

Youths as well as even the older ones have actually been making use of clever look for a very long time now. Smart watches are a kind of minicomputer that you can place on your wrist and delight in. There are a lot of functions in a clever watch than a standard watch. Besides showing you time, it can calculate your heart beat, high blood pressure. It can be connected with your cellphone and you can address calls or see text messages on it. It also alerts you concerning weather condition and also web traffic. On ajkerdeal you can find smart watches of different designs and features. They are additionally cost effective as well as long lasting. You simply have to pick and buy them on ajkerdeal.

Buy cars on EMI Offers in Bangladesh

Buy cars on EMI Offers in Bangladesh

Buy Vehicles on EMI in Bangladesh:

Ajkerdeal has a great collection of cars and trucks. You can currently purchase cars on EMI in Bangladesh from ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal is the biggest online store in Bangladesh. Here you will certainly discover all sort of item. Ajkerdeal has a great collection of reconditioned auto. You can acquire them online on straightforward EMI. Cars and trucks are not only transport, they are symbols of deluxe and also elegance. You do not have to keep sitting in the traffic under a glowing hot sun. why need to you experience when you can have a cars and truck of your very own. Ajkerdeal has made possessing a vehicle a lot more easily. You can get automobiles online kind ajkerdeal on a basic regular monthly EMI center.

Why having a cars and truck is necessary?

Acquiring a cars and truck is not simply “Acquiring a vehicle” it is a financial investment. Probably it is the biggest financial investment of your life after your residence. So, the car is not simply an automobile it is a residential or commercial property. Besides, there are other everyday advantages you will certainly receive from a vehicle. You can not count on public transportation. If you are just a min or more late, you could miss out on a bus, and also there is nothing new to say about what it resembles missing a bus. Besides, other solitary public transportations like rickshaw, CNG or cabs will certainly charge a high price. Besides, if you have an auto you can unwind by taking place a lengthy drive. You can not picture how fantastic it is to go on a drive at evening if you have not been in one.

On ajkerdeal, you will discover numerous type of vehicles. These automobiles remain in brand-new condition. You can acquire these attractive vehicles on EMI on ajkerdeal. Several of the cars are noted for you. You can see and pick one on your own.

Land Cruiser:

Land Cruiser is manufactured by the Japanese automobile business Toyota. It is a running series and also the very first generation was produced in 1951. Initially, the vehicles were constructed as a jeep-like lorry. Yet over the years the body design has actually been changed to exchangeable, hardtop, terminal wagon and taxicab chassis design. Land Cruiser has actually turned into one of the leading cars on the planet. Land Cruiser has actually obtained its appeal as a result of its reliability and also durability. You can drive this cars and truck on any type of roadway without really feeling the shock. On ajkerdeal, you will get this auto. The autos are in new and fresh problem. So, check out the site as well as see if you like it or not. As well as the most amazing component is you can acquire this vehicle on a month-to-month EMI.



Allion is an additional very popular series of Toyota. Allion was presented to the marketplace in 2001 as a replacement for Toyota’s Carina. Carina was a fantastic and also preferred series of that time. Many people were unfortunate because it was changed. However the business believed that introducing Allion is a great concept as well as it will lead the 21st-century cars and truck market. And also the forecast of the business was right. Allion is one of the most preferred autos for individual use. On ajkerdeal, you will certainly locate Toyota Allion. Here you will certainly discover Allion of different version. Go to the internet site of ajkerdeal and ss the collection of Allion. You can currently delight in an easy regular monthly EMI offer on ajkerdeal.



If you have a large family member or you such as to spend time in a huge group after that Noha is the best option for you. Noha is likewise made by Toyota Vehicle Firm. Noha is an upgraded version of Toyota LiteAce. It is upgraded and also much more easy to use. 8 grownup can easily take a trip in this automobile. LiteAce was a shipment van first produced in 1970 as well as the designers took the style as well as made the delivery van a passenger van. This cars and truck is ideal for those who require more area in their cars and truck. You can discover several of the current versions of Noha and also you can buy these vehicles on EMI from ajkerdeal.



Premio was presented into the market the same year as Allion, 2001. This collection changed another top design of that time “Corona”. The design of Premio is much various from its precursors. Toyota has actually introduced a hostile design via it. The Premio is preferred due to its keyword “Top quality and High Performance”

Buy Photocopy Machine on EMI in BD

Buy Photocopy Machine on EMI in BD

Buy Photocopy Machine on EMI in BD:

Ajkerdeal has a wonderful collection of photocopy machines. Fortunately is you can acquire a copy machine on EMI in BD from ajkerdeal. If you are looking for a photocopy machine for your service or office than ajkerdeal is the very best place to check out. Below you will find some of the most effective photocopier and also you can purchase them on a monthly EMI from ajkerdeal. So, see our internet site and position an order to delight in the EMI offer of ajkerdeal.

What is a Photocopy Machine?

Any equipment or gadget that makes a duplicate of a text or graphics with the help of light, chemicals, heat or power is called photocopy machine or copy machine. The modern workplace copy machine utilizes the technique called ‘Xerography’ which is why often the photocopy also known as xerox copy. The xerography utilizes the electrical power as well as light to create copy. Right here the initial paper is placed on a glass inverted. As well as the cover is closed. When you push the copy switch, a light travel through the paper as well as creates a replica. The replica than positioned on the printer toner drum and also negatively charged ink bit is positioned on the printer toner. A positively billed plate is put under a fresh paper as well as home plate attracts the negatively billed ink printer toner as well as the message or graphics are put on the paper. The entire process takes less than 10 secs.

Which copier should you buy?

There are various types as well as sort of copy machine based upon its use. Which copy machine you should acquire depends on your function. The kinds as well as uses photocopier are described below.

Mono Copier:

Mono means one. Mono photo copier uses one color ink printer toner primarily black. These copiers are mostly and also commonly used in IT support shops, workplaces, colleges or universities. They can be found in different sizes as well as speeds. These copiers can replicate approximately 100 pages per min. They are additionally available in duplex setting. Duplex copiers can replicate both sides of a page at a time.

Color Copier:

Shade photo copiers are made use of in company and graphics designing purpose. In a color copier, there are 4 ink printer toner. Three primary color Cyan, Yellow as well as Magenta and also one Black. Shade copier does the xerography procedure for every single printer toner drum and can develop any type of color utilizing these 4 printer toners with appropriate percentage. Because the photo copier utilizes 4 toner drum, the dimension of the machine is a bit bigger than usual.

Network Copiers:

Network copiers can be used with any type of exclusive network. Usually, these photo copiers are utilized in office for remote printing, fax or scanning. These copiers have a network card inbuilt. It does not require any kind of connection wire. Just power line is needed as well as absolutely nothing else.

Multifunction Copiers:

These copiers are widely utilized in workplaces. These photo copiers do not just copy they also can publish and also scan. Sometimes they have USB inputs. With these inputs, you can make a print or save a checked copy directly in a USB flash drive with no computer connected.

Desktop computer Copiers:

Desktop computer copiers are a lot smaller in size. They are generally for residence use only. They can just duplicate A4 as well as smaller sized files. They generally do not have that much speed. These machines are easy to keep and you can change the printer toner cartridge by yourself.

Get Copier on EMI from Ajkerdeal:

Ajkerdeal is the largest online store in Bangladesh. We have a fantastic collection of all type of electronics. Here you will certainly discover mobile accessories, computer system accessories, computer, laptops, computer parts and also even more. Here you will find all sort of workplace tools as well such as printers, photo copiers, projectors, toners, scanners and more. Here you will certainly discover some of the most effective copy machines. Right here you will certainly locate songs copiers, duplex photo copiers and more. Several of these photo copiers have builtin memory so, you can conserve your papers in the maker memory. On ajkerdeal, you will locate all these photo copiers. And you can buy them on month-to-month EMI. so initial select which photo copier you need and then position an order on By getting online you can appreciate month-to-month simple EMI center. So, do not think much, trust the largest online shop of Bangladesh and also order currently.

Get Office Machinery Online in BD

Get Office Machinery Online in BD

Get Office Machineries Online in BD

Ajkerdeal has the biggest collection of all type of workplace materials. You can currently conveniently get workplace devices online in BD from ajkerdeal. There are a ton of products a workplace requires on a daily basis. Starting from a little pen to photocopier all of these you will certainly find on ajkerdeal. Workplace materials are significantly important for every office. You will certainly find all type of workplace products under one umbrella. So, maintain your eyes on and also whenever you need any type of supply for your office, you simply require to place an order as well as we will supply it to your place.

Door Safety Locks:

Safety and security must be the very first concern of every workplace. If the office premises is protected then the workers really feel safe and secure and also can focus on their work. On ajkerdeal, you will discover some finest door locks. These locks are safeguarded by fingerprint which implies only accredited individuals can access the dor. Here you will also discover card locks. These will just be opened by the ID cards of the staff members. From the substantial collection of digital protection locks on ajkerdeal, you can choose conveniently what you require. You just need to position an order as well as your item will certainly be delivered to you within a couple of days.


Attendance System:

Participation system is extremely crucial for each office. You need to count the attendance and also the in and also out time of every worker. It is hard to keep all this info theoretically. So, it is wise to have an electronic participation system. On ajkerdeal, you will locate several of the best biometric electronic participation system. Employees simply need to put their thumb on the scanner as well as it will tape all the information. From the larges collection of these digital participation system choose one for your office. You can buy them on-line and the device will certainly reach your place within simply a number of days.



Not just in the workplace, printers are important for all kinds of company. Bank, money, health, business, instructional institute or perhaps residence. There are various sort of printers. However both primary kinds are utilized almost all over. Both main kinds of printers are printer and also inkjet printers. Laser printers prints using a toner drum. The monochrome printers utilize just one black drum and also the color printers make use of three more drums cyan, green as well as yellow with black. Laser printers are extremely fast and specific also. The monochrome laser printers are very much affordable. One more popular sort of printer is an inkjet printer. This printer uses fluid ink. The inks are sprayed on the paper via a nozzle on the cartridge. The CISS inkjets are extremely affordable. These printers mostly can be found in shade. Ajkerdeal has a terrific collection of these printers. So, order now and also obtain your printer within a couple of days.


Printers Refill:

Printer or copier refills are really vital to have in every workplace. Every toner or cartridge has an expiration date or quantity. After printing the amount the ink goes out. Then you need to replenish the printer. On ajkerdeal, you will certainly discover both laser and inkjet refill. So, visit our web site and order what you require.


Presentation Equipment:

Discussions are existed on a daily basis in every office. Whether it is a service proposition or workplace report or a company meeting, presentations are really effective and also essential. To make a presentation you require some equipment. You will require a multimedia projector, a projector display, and a remote presenter. All these points you will certainly discover on ajkerdeal. We have several of the HD multimedia projectors with these you can make your meeting room well equipt and also well useful. So, order now.


Counting Device:

There is no demand to point out the relevance of the money counting maker in modern times. In financial institutions or company workplace, you need to require a loan counting equipment. These equipments not just count, they likewise can detect phony banknotes. So, having a counting device gives you an additional advantage. Do not assume much, check out the site of ajkerdeal and also order a counting equipment now.



Photo copier or Copy machine are common as well as an essential gadget for every single workplace. These equipments can make a duplicate of any type of message or graphics record within a couple of seconds. Not just in the workplace, they are extremely essential in the educational institutes too. On ajkerdeal, you will find some of the best copier. You can buy single or duplex both. So, put an order now and also you can additionally delight in EMI supply on these machines.



In today’s world, everything needs to be linked. And also it is really vital that the workplace gadgets stay linked. To develop this link you may need some devices like network switch, WiFi router or server rack. Ajkerdeal has all this devices. You just have to place the order rest gets on us. We will certainly make sure you get the item asap.


Buy Office Safety And Security and also Safety Product Online in Bangladesh

Buy Office Safety And Security and also Safety Product Online in Bangladesh

Buy Office Safety And Security and also Safety Product Online in Bangladesh

Safety and security as well as protection of a workplace is one of the top priorities. You can currently buy office safety and security as well as security items online in Bangladesh. Ajkerdeal is the biggest online purchasing area in Bangladesh. Here you will certainly find all type of products that you need daily. From smallest to largest, every little thing is readily available on ajkerdeal. There is a stating, “Safety is primary priority” which implies you have to make sure you are supplying a safe as well as safe setting to your employees to function. To make certain the safety and security you may require some gadgets or devices and you could be thinking where to obtain them. Not to worry anymore. Ajkerdeal is below to assist you protect your working area. On ajkerdeal, you will locate all kinds of safety gadgets and equipments. So, check out the site as well as location order now.

There are some fundamental tools or devices that you could require to make certain the protection of your office. We have actually provided some of one of the most crucial tools for your workplace protection. Have a look as well as make a decision which one do you need?

CC Video camera:

CC cameras or security electronic cameras are an incredibly popular safety gadget. You can keep an eye on several locations by being in one area just. You can likewise maintain a document of the video footages. CC video cameras are truly affordable to install and also simple to operate and keep. These cams are also called IP cameras. With IP electronic cameras you can also keep an eye with your mobile phone. Ajkerdeal has a great collection of these IP as well as CC cams. You can now order them online. Go to the site of ajkerdeal and also take a look at the cams that are readily available and place an order. Your gotten camera will be provided to you within simply a number of days.



DVR belongs of security video camera recording system. The complete meaning of DVR is Digital Video Recorder. It is a tiny box that contains a computer hard disk drive which keeps the video. Depending upon the disk drive capacity you can maintain recording of 7days, 15 days or a month. A DVR can be attached to a display screen or a COMPUTER screen which will permit you to do both, view the video footage and document it at the same time. Ajkerdeal has a fantastic collection of these DVRs. so, see our website and choose one. You can have DVR and also camera with each other as a plan as well as obtain a discount. So, order currently.


Steel Detector:

Steel detectors can be an excellent protection for your office. On ajkerdeal, you will obtain 2 sort of metal detectors. Metal detector gates and scanners. Steel detector scanners are small as well as hand-operated. They are small and effective. A safety and security individual has to operate the tool by hand. And also metal detector gates are a scanning entrance. When an individual walks through eviction it compleats its scanning. Steel detector gates do not require to be run by somebody, they are automated. On ajkerdeal, you will certainly find both sort of metal detectors and also you can currently order them on-line and also get it supplied within a number of days.


Smoke alarm:

Smoke detectors are an electric tool that can determine smoke or any type of harmful gas airborne. It is a really small gadget that is powered by a little AA-size battery. Whenever smoke or gas touches the sensing unit of the gadget an alarm system goes off. You can now purchase these smoke and also gas detectors online from ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal has a wonderful collection of these smoke alarm. You just have to go to the site and also place an order. Your item will be provided to you within simply a number of days.


Fire Extinguisher:

Fire extinguishers are a must-have thing in every office or structure. Every building must maintain one on each floor and also the office should additionally keep them in every area. You all need to have seen this point. It is a small red cyndrical tube with a spraying pipe on it. A lot of the usual extinguishers contain pressurized carbon dioxide. You simply have to pull out the safety and security ring as well as spray it where the fire is. It will certainly extinguish fire right after it is available in contact with the flame or the core of the fire. On ajkerdeal, you will find a wonderful collection of these cylinders. So, visit our internet site as well as select one and also place an order. It will be supplied to your place within a couple of days.


Buy Office Furniture Online in Bangladesh

Buy Office Furniture Online in Bangladesh

Buy Office Furniture Online in BD:

Every office requires furniture to enhance as well as run the features appropriately as well as smoothly. You can currently acquire office furniture online in BD from ajkerdeal. Being the biggest online store in Bangladesh, ajkerdeal is offering all sort of support, item, as well as service since 2011. Here you will certainly find the very best furnishings to embellish your office. So, go to now and have a look at the big collection of office furnishings on ajkerdeal. Place order if you like them and your furnishings will be at your office within a couple of days. As well as below is a guide that could aid you to pick your workplace furniture. So, kick back, unwind as well as allow us walk you with.

Prior To Getting Furniture:

Prior to you buy or pick any type of furnishings for your office, there are some factors that you must think about initially. By examining and preserving these aspects, you can get the very best office furnishings under your budget. We have provided some aspects, allow us stroll you through them.

Budget: budget is the ultimate and the topmost element prior to purchasing any type of workplace furniture. You may want to make certain the maximum comfort for your staff members yet you know your budget plan is not that large. So you have to see to it you are obtaining the maximum outcome with minimal spending plan.

Layout: when you are thinking about the design of office furnishings, you should not just consider exactly how it looks. There are various other points that you ought to take into consideration such as the hight. How high you want your workdesk or cabin to be. You may likewise intend to take into consideration the storage room suggests the number of cabinets exist etc. and also of course look and color ought to additionally be taken into consideration.

Durability: longevity is one of one of the most crucial elements. You do not wish to transform your office furniture every other month. That might prove very expensive. So, you must select furniture which is long lasting.

Room: Room is another significant aspect. It is not wise to block room needlessly. If you get large or unusually shaped furnishings then it will consume even more room and also the outcome will not be that great. So, utilizing the area is really essential in terms of picking office furniture.

Convenience: if the staff members do not feel comfy using the furniture after that the efficiency will lower. An uncomfortable staff member can not concentrate on his/ her work appropriately. So, you should select a furniture piece that fits to utilize.

Safety/ Fire risk:

considering the security issue is just one of one of the most important aspects. You have to see to it the furnishings that the employees are utilizing is safe to use in all terms. You additionally should think about the product of the furniture. You should think about if the product used in the furnishings fire capturing or flammable. You have to ensure to examine these initial.

Thinking about the above-mentioned aspects you can get the maximum output from a minimal budget. Now the inquiry develops, which furnishings do you require? Yet the answer lies with the workplace type or business kind. However, we have detailed some of the usual as well as popular furniture that you can get for your office.


Racks are probably the most important furniture piece for every office. These are generally a kind of storage furniture. You can make use of a rack for numerous functions. There are shoe racks where you or your workers can place shoes. As well as it will certainly maintain the shows arranged and will certainly keep the workplace tidy. You might additionally require a data shelf or data cabin. These shelfs will certainly help you to keep as well as arrange your data. On ajkerdeal, you will certainly find several of the fantastic multi-purpose shelfs. So, see the web site of ajkerdeal and also location order now.


This item of office furnishings does not require any introduction. Practically every workplace needs a chair. There must be a distinction in kind however all of them have chairs. There are various kinds of chair that you can obtain. There are revolving chairs, folding chairs, wood chairs or common chairs. Depending on your budget plan and also choice you can purchase some of one of the most comfy as well as great looking office chairs on


Desks are another vital and one of the most preferred pieces of office furnishings. There are different type of workdesk with different function. The exec workdesks are for executives as well as these workdesks have a different style than other desks. There are managerial desk. These workdesks are for supervisors. And after that there are common workdesk for various other employees. All these desks are offered on ajkerdeal. So, visit our website currently and position an order to obtain your workdesk supplied to your location.