Top 15 Way to Earn Money Online by Staying Home

Although there are many opportunities to earn online, there may be some cheating in some cases. There is no chance of becoming a millionaire forest overnight working online. So we have to keep ourselves away from such fraudulent work. There are some online platforms, websites and resources, which can be used to earn online. |
Let’s talk about the different way of online earning.


Freelancing work is the most popular online earning. Based on the skills of different freelancers, some websites offer freelance work. Open an account and apply for work according to skill. Employer or who need, communicates according to their needs and give work to the freelancer.
In some websites, details of job skills are required, so that the customer can communicate directly. In these sites, freelancing work is available in the,, and etc. 5 to 100 dollars per hour can be earned from these sites. It is to be remembered that, after the completion of the work, he will release the money only if he gets the approval. In this case, the worker can rate the work quality. Freelancer has to work until customer’s choice is made. Money can be cashout using various online payment methods.

Create your own website:
Now many components are available online to create own website. Among them, domain selection, design, template and website design etc. are available. When your website is ready to provide different content services to the reader or viewer, you can apply for the Google AdSense Program. When Google’s ads start showing on the site and user click on it, the income will start to come. The traffic on the website or the number of visitors is greater, then the income is greater.

Affiliate Marketing
In this way income also requires your webpage or blog. When websites or blogs are launched, affiliate marketing can be done linking with different organizations like,, etc. When a visitor purchases any product or service from your site reference, you will get a percentage of the product price and your income will start.

Graphics Design
Graphics design is a good way to earn online at home. Those who are skilled at Graphics design, they put different designs online at marketplaces. Their income comes from there. A product made by them is sold many times. A good design keeps revenues for a long time. Online graphics can be sold on many such websites. There are also many demand for graphics designers in online marketplaces.

Survey, Search and Reviews
You can earn money by participating in an online survey. Many websites take part in the survey. Besides, you can earn doing online reviews and product reviews. However, it may be necessary to disclose personal information as well as provide credit card or banking information. Therefore, we have to work carefully while working in this field. Before doing such types of work, you need to verify weather it is realtime work or scam.

Virtual Assistant
Now the work of virtual assistants has increased online. Hourly earnings are also greater. There are advantages of getting corporate jobs online from home. As a virtual assistant, the staff or own business can run itself. On the basis of various skills, the organization recruits virtual assistants. Among these, there are functions like phone calls, e-mail communications, internal research, data entry, editing, writing, blog, graphics, tech support, social media management. Work is available on sites like 24/7 Virtual Assistant, Assistant Match,, People Per Hour, and Opera.

If you are well-versed in English as well as other languages, you can earn by utilizing those skills. There are several websites where you can earn translating different documents. Those who know Spanish, French, Arabic, German and other languages, they can earn translating them into English or translating them from English into these languages. Many times, the workers themselves gave the translation work to the freelancers due to lack of time. You will get this type of work in Freelancing sites.

Online Tutor
If you have the expertise in any educational subjects, you can teach people online and earn money. Now the demand for online tutorials is increasing. You can teach the students of any age. there is an opportunity to teach the students of other countries. There are online tuition opportunities in many online websites. Students can read it conveniently at the time. You have to give a test on your skills. Once you are selected, Webinars can manage online sessions as a director. There is a lot of income from this field if the efficiency increases.

Social media
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat is no longer just for communicating with friends. You can earn money by using them. Social media planners from various organizations and brands have been given lots of money to promote their brand. To attract subscribers online, there is a need for creativity in order to promote. Creating various posts, making videos for Facebook, makes it worthwhile to get good money. However, it is necessary to have a lot of patience and relevant issues to catch them, while creating fan-followers in social media.

Web design
Web design demand in today’s online workplace is widespread. Any project can earn up to 20 thousand to 1 lakh taka easily. Not all businessmen are technocrats. They need their web designers to create their own website. Those who want to work as web designers can open their own websites and set up small businesses from there. Now both coding and web design are important for creating websites. Apart from this, web designers are also required for website management and updates. As a result the designer does not have to sit down. Web Designer’s earnings are increasing based on clients and work.

Content Writing
Those who are good at writing and can write fluent in more than one language, do not have to sit for work. you can increase your experience writing content on online platforms. Income comes based on the quality of article writing. Work doner can say to comply with specific policies while writing. If you increase your skills for specific topics or goals, the income stream increases.

Many people write about their hobbies. But if the matter of hobbies can be applied professionally, then you can earn online. There are also opportunities to earn income through blogging.Money can be earn from blogs in two ways. Being one is creating your own blog site. You can start a free blog on WordPress or Tumblr platform. Once again, you can start blogging by buying domain hosting yourself. However, to start the blog itself, there will be some investment, You have to buy domains hosting. It’s a good idea to start your own blog. Because it has the opportunity to make many changes according to its own needs. You can earn doing Advertising, Facebook Instant Article, Product Review, etc. on blogs. But if you write a blog then you will not earn huge overnight. There must be plenty of time and patience for this. Many of the blogs have a few years to start earning. The blog has to work with regular content updates to keep it active.

Those who do not feel comfortable writing the blog, they can earn money from the video with the help of the camera. For this, we have to know creative and better editing. You can open your own YouTube channel and upload videos and earn from there. Keep track of which categories your channel will keep and what kind of videos to keep in it. People will not see it if they do not keep videos about people’s interest. If people do not see the videos, you will not get income. This is a lot like blogs. However, the video is the content in this case. Increasing the time of subscriber’s subscription and video viewing will increase the chances of earnings. Get paid from Google as per thousand views.

There are many websites, which will give you money when clicking on the ad. This type of site called PTC site. To start the project, you need to be registered. But keep in mind that PTC sites are mostly fake. So before work, be sure that it is not real site. Many times you can earn referring a friend.

Data entry
Data entry is one of the easy tasks online. In this case income is very low. However, this type of work is now very rare due to automation. Those who have Computer, internet and speed typing skills, they can do this type of work. Most freelancing sites have this type of work. But those who have skill in any work, they can easily get work and earn fast.