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Mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily life. Now mobile phones are not being used to call or receive calls only, but it also use to take quality pictures the digital camera of the phone, can be connected to the internet and social networking sites. Now a days in Digital Bangladesh you can not think of anything except mobile.

For the time being, Bangladesh’s mobile phone subscribers have come up with online marketing and most popular online marketplace like NRB Bazaar, Ajkerdeal, Daraz etc to buy any smartphone at lowest price online in Bangladesh. There is a huge number of different types of mobile phones and smartphone accessories from the popular brand.

By visiting this link, you will see all the products of NRB Bazaar’s mobile phones and smartphone accessories with price and specification online in Bangladesh.

Let’s get in touch with some products which can be found online for purchase. These products are popular according to online marketing bd survey.

USB Data cable for Mobile Charging or Data Transfer – 1 meter (৳ 560):USB-Data-cable-for-Mobile-Charging-or-Data-Transfer-1-meter

USB Data cable very important parts because we need data cable or USB cable to charge mobile by connecting to the computer and transfer any data from the mobile to computer or computer to mobile. you have to face problems when the cable gets damaged which is given at the time of the purchase of a mobile phone. There are many types of USB cable available in the market, which can also be used to work with your device, simultaneously it can also be a cause of computer port problems. So good quality cable should always be used. Go to the market to find the quality of the cable is a hassle, but you go to the online market and buy a quality USB cable from NRB Bazaar online at a cheap price by staying home and easily get the product through home delivery.

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Wireless Smart Speaker Price Online in Bangladesh(Tk. 9700):Wireless-Smart-Speaker-Price-Online-in-Bangladesh

Generally, Chinese mobile speakers have high volume but their sound quality is so poor and unhealthy. Nowadays we use separate mobile speakers for use in any party or home. In this case, you can try the latest Wireless Smart Speaker. If you use the speaker of the international brand, you will not have to rely on the Chinese brand’s speakers in the market. There are many online markets, but this Wireless Smart Speaker is now able to order online at home only from NRB Bazaar.

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In-Ear Full Metal Premium Earphones Price Online in Bangladesh(৳ 1450):In-Ear-Full-Metal-Premium-Earphones-Price-Online-in-Bangladesh

We use earphones on mobile and computers to listen to music or talk over the phone. Especially, there is no alternative to good quality earphones to listen quality music. But refrain from using Chinese earphones to save money, because it can damage external and internal damage to your ear. Use the International Brand’s Earphones for maintaining ear protection and for better sound quality music. Now you can order advanced quality earphone from the online market like NRB Bazaar, and you will be able to get the product available at home through home delivery.

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Data Cable Protection Slip Bag – 10 Piece Bag (৳ 250):Data-Cable-Protection-Slip-Bag -10-Piece-Bag-online-price-in-bangladesh

What is the importance of data cable for mobile phones we all know this and it is not new to say. Once the set-headphone is damaged at the time of purchase, it is very rare to find it in the online market or offline market. It does happen especially with iPhone and its user. Keeping in mind the data cable protection sleeve brought with NRB Bazaar. By which you can protect the computer port part of your data cable from being damaged. Through this, the cable can be protected from getting damaged. You can order headphone cable protector 10 pieces of bag online in Bangladesh from NRB Bazaar.

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Back Cover For iPhone X Online in Bangladesh (৳ 1250):Back-Cover-For-iPhone-X-Online-in-Bangladesh

The latest model of the iPhone series is the iPhone X. This device is now available in Bangladesh many new features and extraordinary models. But have you taken some steps to protect this expensive device? The first thing to buy, especially for any device protection, is the back case cover. The back case cover will protect the back camera of your mobile while keeping it somewhere, it will protect your iPhone from being scratched behind the mobile. And if your mobile fall from your hands, back case cover will also protect your mobile from any mishap or damage. And now you do not have to go to a super shop to buy this back cover for your iPhone. By sitting at home you can buy online from NRB Bazaar.

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Doctor v Flip Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (৳ 1600):Doctor-v-Flip-Case-For-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-8-price-online

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device has a big display. And for the beauty of the device and easy to lock and unlock, many of us use the flip case cover. You will get one or two flip covers while purchasing the device but you will have to buy a new cover when these are damaged. And buying cheap covers from any market, do not damage to the device, besides, you also have to tolerate the smell of patch skin. Buy a good quality flip cover to protect your device make your device look gorgeous. Use these flip case cover of international brand Dr.V give security to your phone.

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Xiaomi MI 5 Plus – 4GB / 64GB Smartphone Price and Specification in Bangladesh (৳ 18, 900):

Xiaomi has been getting quite popular among China smartphone brands. Because the brand is getting popular by bringing attractive and durable smartphones in the budget of the customers. Xiaomi is one of the most preferred mobile brands to many young people, especially in India and Bangladesh. One of the most popular smartphones of Xiaomi brand is MI 5 Plus with an exclusive specification like 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of ROM, fast multitasking and unlimited app usage will be available on the device. You can also play High-Quality Games with 2.0 GHz Octa Core Processor and Adreno 506 Graphics Card. And you will not have to worry about charging because this phone has 4,000 mAH of long-lasting batteries. This device is available at online in Bangladesh in Black and Gold Colors. you can get the device now at NRB Bazaar.

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HTC Desire 10 Pro 4 GB / 64GB Price and Specification Online in Bangladesh (৳ 19244):HTC-Desire-10-Pro-4-GB -64GB-Price-and-Specification-Online-in-Bangladesh

HTC Desire 10 Pro 4 GB / 64GB Price is very reasonable online in Bangladesh. As a mobile brand, HTC Android has been on the market since long. And after the arrival of Android, HTC brands like other companies have updated their Android devices on the market. One such device is the HTC Desire 10 Pro. HTC has brought the device to about 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of ROM, 5.5 (5) inches display, Octa-Core processor and 3000 mAh battery. If you buy the device elsewhere, you will have to pay Tk. 34,990, but only at NRB Bazaar, you can easily order the device and you will get 45% cash discount, meaning that the device is getting you just 19,444.

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Xiaomi Smartwatch Price and Specification Online in Bangladesh (৳ 10, 699):Xiaomi-Smartwatch-Price-and-Specification-Online-in-Bangladesh

Not only the Xiaomi mobiles but also the Xiaomi smartwatch is available in the online market. Xiaomi smartwatch price is also reasonable as like Xiaomi smartphones.

Now-a-days, the watch is no longer used to watch the time. Rather we are using the clock in digital work. And one of the top brands of the smartwatch is Xiaomi. Xiaomi brings in high-quality smartwatch in our budget. Built in GPS, IP67 waterproof design, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, 1.34 inch screen, 512 MB RAM, 4GB ROM, heart rate monitor, and more features with Xiaomi Huami amazfit pace smartwatch can be ordered online from NRBBazaar.

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