iPhone Launches the Fastest Photo Editing App “DarkRoom”

Many people want to edit photos on a mobile phone before sharing on social media.

There are a number of apps for Android, but there are few apps for iPhone users. The best app to edit photos for iPhone users is the ‘Darkroom’ photo editor.

The features of the  app at a glance

  1. The app has excellent filters for editing photos. Moreover, all filters can be used for free. Users have to spend 7.99 US dollars to use all the filters.
  2.  The user can zoom any photo through the app.
  3. The unnecessary part of the picture can be cut through the app.
  4. The user can easily add frames to a photo through this app. You can also change the colour of the frame.
  5. The user interface of the app can be used easily.
  6. It has large resolution images.

The app will only run on the iOS operating system. The app is not available for any Android version.

The size of the App is 41 MB. You just download it and then install into your Apple device