iPhone 10R is Now Available for Pre-Order

It was already speculated that the lowest priced phone, iPhone 10 R would be the best-selling device of Apple this year.

Consumers do not allow the idea to become unreasonable. On the first day of the pre-order of the phone users offered a very good pre-order for this phone. Apple started receiving pre-orders from 71 countries across the world. On the first day, its stock was almost finished.

The delivery date might be extended due to an excessive number of pre-order. Earlier, the US company had informed that they would start handing over this phone to their respective customer one week later. But it’s been heard it could be delayed for another two weeks.

In the first day of pre-order, the stock of yellow and red iPhone 10R of 128 GB and 256GB versions have already been ended.

The coral and red iPhone of 64 GB version have great appeal in Uk pre-order. The German customers want a 64 GB yellow coloured version.

Koh, an analyst of Apple phone, told from the idea that Apple would sell 75 to 80 million iPhones 10R in the last quarter. The expectation of Koh is going to be true now observing the level of demand from the first day of pre-order.

The iPhone 10R has 6.7-inch Liquid Retina LCD display, 12 bionic chips processor, 12-megapixel wide angle lens camera into the back portion. The user can capture pictures in portrait mode.

The device will run under the operating system iOS 12. This  Phones can be found in three versions. Apple also mentioned the prices of these versions. The 64GB version is $ 749, the 128 GB 799 and the 256GB version of the iPhone is $ 899.

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