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People of all races constantly dream about belonging to survive on their very own. From ages people has possessed land of their very own. In old times, when people used to reside in the caverns, the used to note their caverns with icons so that no one else can take over it. However, because of the continental drift as well as ice age, humans were compelled naturally to transfer to various other areas. While moving they used to take rest or remain when the weather condition misbehaved in momentary caves or under large trees. They used to mark them also. After humans learned to construct residences out of the wood stick and also pet skins or tree leaves, some of them started to trade their primitive houses for other goods, such as food, rock tools or perhaps precious jewelry. Yet those tent like residences proved really weak against powerful wind or hefty rains. So, humans started making use of logs as well as bamboo as opposed to sticks. Which gave them stability against the wind. There was no concept of areas at that time. All the family members utilized to stay with each other.

Ancient Romans were the initial to put a format of the modern housing design consisting of greater than one space. They made use of wood logs, wood slabs, stone blocks. The kings of the Roman and also Egypt made use of to developed their palaces with huge stone blocks.

The exchange of land, houses is a very old customized in our human being. In contemporary ages, these realty organization has actually expanded really quickly. Individuals are willing to purchase prepared made apartments, homes or perhaps land. With ajkerdeal you can get building, flat or house online in Bangladesh.

Purchase Land/ Property:

The trading of land is not new in Bangladesh. People are practicing this business before Bangladesh, prior to Pakistan even before the British or Mughals. Yet in old times, there was a high opportunity of being ripped off. There was a great deal of loopholes in the agreements, there were technicalities in the law too. One event utilized to sell other event’s residential or commercial property without them understanding. As well as the owner and the buyer of the residential or commercial property both had to suffer. But now you do not need to stress over that. You can see the price of land in Bangladesh and can acquire them without any inconvenience. Buying and selling of land has actually ended up being a lot easier currently. Prior to you had to wait for the enrollment of the land for a long period of time, occasionally also for months. But now you can have the registration done within a week or less. To make it more simple we are providing you the full information as well as process online.


Flat is known as a component of a home with greater than one area, at least one commode and also one kitchen. Though marketing and buying of flats are new principles in our nation, it is ending up being an increasing number of popular everyday. As well as people want to purchase an all set made flat. Based on this need of individuals, realty industry has actually grown rapidly in our nation over the last ten years. Usually the rate is based on measurement and interior of the level. The measurement is taken with square feets. And the cost is charged for every square feet. There are 2 type of apartments that are being sold our nation. One is a brand-new level, which is a firm or a person develops a new structure and starts to sell the flats. And also other kind is utilized level. The level where people utilized to live however they left as well as the proprietor has actually offered the flat. There is additionally a treatment of enrollment for getting a flat which is also can be done within 7 working days. And also this has additionally been a variable genuine estat’s appeal. Ajkerdeal has made this treatment a lot easier. You do not need to await a promotion or notice of sell. You can conveniently see and also buy apartments online in BD.


Residence is a building that is produced human habitation and also it has a very beginning as well as can have extra floors over. Humans are living in the houses from the beginning of human background. First in the caves, after that in the camping tent houses after that in stone house and progressively came contemporary residence. Human usages home for sanctuary, security, comfort as well as rest. Every human has an imagine a house of his own. To accomplish your dream, ajkerdeal is giving you an alternative to acquire a residence online in BD. acquiring a residence is not an easy job. You have to locate a home, collect all the information, seek the paper functions. However, ajkerdeal is reducing all these inconveniences from your shoulder. You simply need to go online and also select your dream house.