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Nivea cosmetics online bd: Nivea is the no. 1 global brand for skin and body care. The Brand has spread all over the world even in Bangladesh, to stay closer to their customers and study the behavior of the consumers. Nivea is a German-based Company established in 1882. The Nivea cream is considered to be the oldest product of Nivea produced in 1882.

In the 1920s the whole product was redesigned and relaunched the cream packaging. The company’s works are based on heavy research. From the year 1950s to 1970s the Nivea cream was the center of attention, due to its immense popularity, unique quality, unrivaled effectiveness, and authenticity. They understand the nature of the customer’s mindset very well, abling to interpret the expectations customers have from Nivea.

They have this exclusively distinct smell in all of the products that seem to diffuse a similar kind of smell, but once applied to the skin or body, you will realize a significant difference from one product to the other. If the smell could be described with a color, it is most likely that it would be the deep blue which is used for most of the products of Nivea. If you think the same then, you will have to appreciate the creativity they put in maintaining the same design for so long and yet managed to keep the loyal customers with them, rather the faith became even stronger and the popularity never faded.

Customers are extremely loyal to Nivea. It has one of the most unique fragrances, a very distinct flavor that suppresses the antibacterial reaction, eliminating the odor. Nivea means snow-white in Latin. The original Nivea cream is formulated from the latest findings from their research. The formula and its essence have changed very little in the past 100 years. Nivea initially started with the shaving cream, shampoo, and skin oil.

Nivea cream is also designed to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sunlight. During the 1970s to ’80s, Nivea focused on other products besides their iconic cream. The studies have shown that the trust in Nivea from the customers was the highest after the 1980s. In the 90’s Nivea expanded and entered the global market with the consistent names, product, and packaging. Fans around the globe celebrated the 100th birthday of Nivea in 2011. Nivea’s first product was the iconic cream in the tin, Nivea face care, Nivea Milk, Nivea Deodorants, Chapsticks, Nivea Sun Body spray, facewash, Hair gel, etc.

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