Facebook Will Delete Friend Request After 14 Dayes

Now Facebook is experimenting with the feature to automatically remove friend request after 14 days.

So long as the Facebook friend requests were not accepted, they had to be either pending or had to be deleted.


Image: Google Reuse Level

The new feature will allow the Facebook user to accept friend request within 14 days because this feature will automatically delete the pending friend request after 14 days. However, if someone wants to make a Facebook friend after 14 days, then he will have to send the friend request himself.

On Friday, a user sent a TechCrunch to the Media TechCrunch, a screenshot containing Facebook’s new features. There, it has been found that Facebook has set 14 days for Facebook to recognize the request.


Credit: Techcrunch

A Facebook spokesman confirmed this. He said that only a small number of users are experimenting with the feature.
If you add this feature, you will get the most benefit from the famous stars. Because they do not allow hanging more than five thousand friend requests. So they take time out separately and they do not have to delete the friend request. Requests will be deleted from their friend request box before the specified number is crossed.

Source: Techcrunch

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