Dutch-Bangla Bank Launched ‘Four Tier’ Data Center

Dutch-Bangla Bank launched the Four-tier Data Center. The bank has created this centre at a cost of about Tk 3 billion.

Post, telecommunication and information technology minister Mustafa Jabbar along with Deputy Managing Director of Bangladesh Bank, SM Moniruzzaman, Founder Chairman of Dutch-Bangla Bank, Sahabuddin Ahmed inaugurated the centre at Dumney In Dhaka on Saturday.

Mostafa Jabbar said that due to digitalization Bangladesh is moving towards the caseless Society. Since 2009, there have been radical changes to financial institutions. Digital banking has become popular with the general public of the country.

The minister said digital crime is also increasing due to the expansion of digital services in the country. Security of the banking sector involves state security.

“There was a need to use external technology or software, but now we should put the highest importance to develop our people to use their own developed technology. ” the minister added.

Bank officials said this data centre will ensure uninterrupted security for customer service.

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