Youtube is Accused of Breaking Child Safety Laws

YouTube is accused by an American organization for breaking child safety laws. On this, the organization has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Their allegation is that YouTube is gathering information about 13-year-old children. Parents are not informed about taking information from children.

The name of the 23-member organization is Child Safety and Privacy Advocacy Group. The organization also runs a campaign called Commercial-Free Childhood. On behalf of the campaign, a statement on their website was also published.

There, they said that all the websites directed to the children should be informed of their collection of personal information to their parents. Advertising is promoted using kids browsing habit and location data. The YouTube policy states that anyone under the age of 13 should not be using YouTube. But YouTube knows very well that their website is very popular for kids. Rhyme video, cartoon, toy advertisements are shown on many channels. But they are not taking any action to protect them.

In response to this complaint, YouTube’s parent company Google said that YouTube is not for kids. They also said that the complaint copies have not reached on their hands yet. After getting the complaint copy, then the matter will be examined. There was no option to target kids for their advertiser. YouTube has a special app for the children called YouTube Kids App. This totally designed for the kids.

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