How will be the Look of  Samsung’s first Foldable Smartphone!

For the last few years, Samsung’s foldable smartphone has been the heading of the news. Earlier this year, Samsung CEO Koh Dong Jin reported that Samsung’s folded smartphones will be launched in November this year. Koh said this device is actually a tablet that can be folded into a pocket. As a result, multitasking will be very easy.

The South Korean company has launched Samsung Galaxy A9, the world’s first smartphone with a four rear cameras recently. During the launch of this phone in Kuala Lumpur, Koh said, “This folded device is going to be a very useful device for customers. I will not bring this product to the market without customer satisfaction using the device. “

Earlier, Koh said that this folded smartphone is not a ‘gimmick product’. This product will not be windy after a few months of launch. Koh said this device will be launched all over the world.

Without citing any specifications of this phone, Koh said that the size of the display of smartphones is an important issue. Already the company has been forced to make big display phones into its Note series phones with respect to the competitors such as Apple and Google.

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