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Refrigerators Price BD: Refrigerators are used to store food items. You can buy one on EMI from ajkerdeal. The refrigerator is an electronic device that keeps the temperature under a certain level. Every household needs a refrigerator to keep the foods and vegetables fresh. It is also used to chill foods or drinks.

Refrigerator EMI Offer BD:

A refrigerator is an electric machine that cools the chambers inside it by compressing gas. Before the invention of refrigerators, ice house were used to play the role of cold storage. Icehouses were very common before the invention of refrigerators. The first artificial refrigerator was designed by William Cullen in 1755. It was a small refrigeration machine. The first vapor compression machine was James Harrison in 1851. With his machine ice was made successfully. In 1856 the first commercial ice-making machine was in the market. Depending on the use, there are some types of refrigerators.

Top Brand Freezer EMI Offer Online BD:

Top freezer refrigerators are the most common and popular of all the other types. Many people give it the first priority as a kitchen appliance. The top freezers are cheaper in price. This might be another cause of its popularity. It has two parts. The top part is freezer and the bottom part is refrigerator. The freezer’s job is to make ice and the refrigerator’s job is mostly keeping vegetables and foods fresh by maintaining a low temperature. It has various sizes. The top freezers are one of the top choices of people. You can now buy top freezers on a monthly EMI on ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal has a large collection of these freezers. You will find various sizes and brand. So, now go to and order one for your kitchen.

Top Brand Freezer EMI Offer Online BD
Top Brand Freezer EMI Offer Online BD:

Bottom Freezer Price BD:

Bottom freezers are the reverse of top freezers. Here the freezing part is in the bottom and the refrigerator part is on the top. And this gave it a great advantage. People uses the refrigerator part more than the freezing part. So, they did not have to bend to open and get what they need. Freezers were less used  so it was a very good idea for people who had to open the refrigerator frequently. You can find these kinds of refrigerators on ajkerdeal and can order them online to enjoy the monthly EMI offer.

Bottom Freezer Price BD:

Side-by-Side Refrigerators:

Side-by-side refrigerators have two chambers side by side. They are like a cupboard. One chamber has the refrigeration and the other one has the freezing part. This model is getting more and more popular day by day. It has a smart design and the side features have become very popular. The manufacturers have added more interesting features to it and made it a great choice for the customers. You can find some best designed SBS refrigerators on ajkerdeal and can buy them online with simple EMI facility.

Deep Freezer Price Online in BD:

This is another common and popular freezer. It is like a box or trunk and the whole box is one chamber. It has no refrigeration part. So this refrigerator is only for freezing. It has a common use in household, retail shops, super shops, restaurants and more. On ajkerdeal you will find a great collection of these freezers. You just have to choose one according to your size preference and place an order. If you place an order on ajkerdeal, you can enjoy the monthly EMI facility on these freezers. 

Deep Freezer Price Online in BD:

Buy Freezers on Ajkerdeal:

Ajkerdeal has one of the largest collections of freezers and refrigerators. And the exciting part is ajkerdeal is giving you an opportunity to get them on a simple EMI offer. So do not be late and order today to get your EMI offer.

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