New Update will Solve iPhone Charging Problem

Many customers have a charging problem with iPhone XS and XS Max. To solve this problem Tech giant Apple brings new updates to iOS. The size of the iOS 12.0.1 update is 104.7 megabytes.

A number of problems like new iPhone charging problems, bugs due to networks and WiFi, problems with viewing subtitles in the video app, and Bluetooth device connection have been solved by this updated version.

Last month the iPhone 10S and 10S Max came into the market. Many users claimed that the new iPhone is not charged while in sleep mode. Generally, the iPhone shows the popup notification that the device is charging under sleep mode. But the new iPhone did not show up any notification of charging. Sometimes 10S Max device is hanging or being frozen while charging cable is connected to the device in the sleep mode.

The new update will solve all these problems. To install the version just go to settings option, click on the software update option in General menu. Then click  on the download and install button to  install on the phone