Keep in Mind before Buying a New or Old Laptop or Desktop Computer

Before buying your new or old laptop computer, the most notable thing is why – and for what purpose you need the computer. Many people just buy high-spec computers for the sake of mood. Your work is just for word processing software and you have bought i7 processor and 16gb RAM computer! This is totally foolish decision. Because these configured computer will never work for you, this is nothing but a waste of money.

However, old laptops or computers not for everyone. Many people think of purchasing old laptops or computers in order to buy a better configured computer than a new computer in your budget. But considering some of the issues before buying old laptops can be great experience for your. This article will help you to look at some things when buying an old laptop or desktop computer!


Specification of the Laptop or Desktop

When the first point is your requirement, then you must pay special attention to your laptop Specification. Of course, the laptop should have the ability to run the software you need. Are you trying to make gaming PC, or trying to edit audio-video, or you are buying a laptop to play medias? In that case, the CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage should be kept in mind.

Now ask yourself, if you want to buy the old laptop, that is able to meet your needs, if the answer is yes, then you will look at the next steps. If the answer is not, then there you must arrange a lot of money in search of the better specification. Moreover, before buying the old laptop, it should be seen online review, what is the experience of the people after the long-term in that model laptop.

Laptop processor, as well as checking RAM, another important thing that needs to be checked, and that is power. What is the current condition of the old laptop battery, if the battery needs to be changed, how much the cost can be with AC ​​adapter, and how the laptop was used before, these issues should also be conceived. If you want to buy laptops especially for portability, then the battery is another main factor. if there is no need for portability then you can buy a desktop computer, it does not matter!


Do a Physical Checkup of your Laptop or Desktop Computer

After meeting your need of hardware and hardware specification, you will have to physically check the old laptop, it’s like a medical checkup. First of all, check whether the laptop’s body is fine, whether it is broken in the frame or not.

Checking the screen after checking the body is the most important checkup. Take a look at whether the screen is blurred or fluttering, check the brightness level, and see if there is a bad pixel on the screen. I would recommend watching the video viewing angle.

After that check, the keyboard, check whether the track pads are working properly, you maybe using the mouse, although it is still necessary to check. If you have bought a laptop specifically for writing, there must be no dead key, because your portability will become dense when carrying an extra keyboard. Check all the ports, check whether it is working properly if you have USB port, VGA port, HDMI port, Ethernet port, and CD / DVD ROM. Of course do not forget to check WiFi and Bluetooth. Check out webcam, speaker a little better, if you need to watch a live video chat on the laptop, check out what quality is coming out, check whether the built-in Mike is working on.


Is’t it better to Buy a New Laptop than the old?

Keep in Mind before Buying a New or Old Laptop or Desktop Computer

Keep in Mind before Buying a New or Old Laptop or Desktop Computer

Keeping your requirements beside, I always recommend it, first of all, see whether your budget can make a new computer. If you have a new computer, then refrain from purchasing old computers, it will get you rid of many pains. Old laptops have special problems with battery, and if the previous user does not have the charging bike properly, certainly the laptop battery has been twelve times so much!

Before choosing laptops, please do research carefully. Please compare the specification side by side. Take a look at what is offering in a new laptop and budget, and you get more from the old laptop. As I said before, of course you have to think about the new one. Of course, keep in mind that if the old system is to be bought, then it is necessary to upgrade as little as possible. Many people suddenly buy a laptop, but after that the battery needs to be changed, to put the SSD or to raise the RAM, do not worry about them. Of course, before upgrading the old laptop and buying it, see if the laptop is suitable for this price! Of course, new ideas before!

Finally, I would recommend that if you buy old laptop from your friend or family, then definitely use it for a while to test. Then, if everything is okay, then pay the money and take the system completely. The only goal of this article is to buy an old laptop and not be harassed. Hope you buy the old laptop with special focus on the above topics. Once again, if a new computer is possible, it must be new!