Japan Launches Credit Card Sized Android Smartphone in the Market

As long as the tech world is being enriched with new technologies, Smartphone devices are also being developed. All the companies remain busy to add advanced technology into their smartphones. A Japanese company is trying to release a simple smartphone of the old model with advanced technology into the market.

An organization titled  ‘Future Model’ is trying to release a smartphone named ‘Nichphone-S’, Sources said. The smartphone is likely to be a credit card. In addition, the phone will have a music system, recording and Bluetooth capabilities. But it’s size is very minute.

‘Nichphone -S’ is likely a school-based calculator. This phone will run on Android 4.2 Operating system (2012 version). The smartphone will be released into the market on November 10 this year which cost is only $ 88.

Primarily it will be available into the Japanese market. Gradually this phone will be available for all users across the world.