IPS and Stabilizer Price online in BD: IPS is a must needed household device of every house. You can now buy IPS online on EMI from ajkerdeal.com. Ajkerdeal has a great collection of IPS and IPS battery and you can buy it online and enjoy the EMI offer. Voltage stabilizers are also a very important device for your refrigerator or washing machine. A power surge can ruin the circuit of these machines. So you should use a stabilizer for your machine’s protection.

What is IPS?

IPS is a power backup system. It is also known as inverter. It is a power system combining a battery and an inverter to convert direct current (DC) into alternative current (AC). It is mainly used in home or commercial places as a power backup in case of power failure. Unlike diesel generators, IPS does not need to be started. It automatically starts working. IPS has been around for years. Previously they were used only for commercial or industrial purposes but now the use of IPS have spread among the general people. It is now very popular backup system for commercial and medical fields. It cannot cover a whole building but it can easily cover a floor. For home uses an IPS covers one or two rooms.

Why Do You Need IPS?

IPS has become a very important part of our life. If we consider the current situation in Bangladesh, the power failure has decreased from before but still it is there. Especially during summer, if the power fails than the kids and elders suffers the most. So it is very important to have an IPS installed in your home. Not only power cut, it will also back you up in case your building power cuts. Not only in your home, is it very important for office and hospitals. If you lose power during a medical emergency in hospital, you cannot imagine the disaster that may come. So it is a must thing to have an IPS in every hospital. 

Inverter in BD:

Inverter is a system that changes or converts the direction of electric current. It consists of multiple transformers and capacitors that change the direction of the electric current. An inverter sucks power from a car battery and transforms it into AC current. To use our daily electronic devices, we need AC current but the battery provides us DC current so the inverter is used for interconnecting two flows. You can buy inverter separately on ajkerdeal.com. You can also enjoy EMI offer if you order them online on ajkerdeal.

Battery Price Online:

The battery is a power source. Battery converts chemical energy into electric energy. Battery can be made in many ways. Different batteries are used for different purposes. There are rechargeable battery and one time battery both. An inverter needs a big battery which we also known as car batteries. These batteries are rechargeable and long lasting. The main material used in these batteries is an acid water solution that powers up the battery. If the solution dries out, you can refill the solution by yourself. You can now buy IPS Battery on ajkerdeal. You can also enjoy the EMI offer on these batteries. 

Buy Car Battery Online in BD

Battery Price Online in Bangladesh

Buy IPS on EMI Offer in BD:

If you are not sure which inverter or battery you should buy than you should go with readymade IPS. You do not have to look for battery or inverter you just have to choose one IPS for you. So if you do not want to waste your time on choosing battery or inverter than you can choose one IPS from the collection of ajkerdeal and can order online to enjoy the monthly EMI offer.

Buy IPS on EMI Offer in BD:

Buy IPS on EMI Offer in BD:

Buy Voltage Stabilizer on EMI Offer:

Voltage stabilizer is an electronic device that controls any power surge or fluctuation in voltage. Voltage fluctuation can roast any electronic part of any machine. It can be used with your refrigerator, desktop computer, television, oven or any expensive machines. A voltage stabilizer reduces the high voltage if the voltage gets higher. It also saves the machines from the punch that a machine gets when the power comes back after a power cut. If you want to save your precious electronic machine than you should get a stabilizer. On ajkerdeal you will find a good collection of voltage stabilizer. So choose one now and place an order and enjoy the monthly EMI offer.

Buy Voltage Stabilizer on EMI Offer:

Buy Voltage Stabilizer on EMI Offer:

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