Huawei will Assist 10 million Artificial Intelligence Developers

China’s prominent technology company Huawei expects the market of artificial intelligence will increase in the world in the next decade. This market will reach about $ 380 billion by 2025.

Huawei will take initiatives to increase the market. That’s why the company is planning to support at least 1 million AI Developers and Partners in the next three years.

Head of the strategic marketing department of Huawei, William Zhou, declared this announcement in his presentation on the second day of the ‘Huawei Connect 2018’ in Guangzhou, China.

It is quite impossible to digitize the whole world only by a single institution. It requires the cooperation of one another to the institutions. All organization should come forward to work together in order to bring this digital change around the world.

Huawei wants to create a platform where all the organizations will build a new world. This platform aims to make a good connectivity all over the world. Huawei wants to connect between every person and organization, Zhou added. Through this communication, it is possible to build a digital world.

But before all these things artificial intelligence is a must. Artificial intelligence will play a vital role in the health sector in near future.