GP Gets New Serial Number Series 013

Telecom and IT Minister Mustafa Jabber said that the country’s top operator Grameenphone should maintain the quality of service.

In a teleconference program, the minister said, ”  To go upstairs we cannot look around at all. We have an expectation to  Grameenphone to maintain the quality of service for every customer.

“150 million connections in the country of 160 million people, really it is a matter of pride. GP should  emphasize on the quality issue for all the customers whether it uses a mobile phone for talking or data usage purpose.”, The minister said.

Mustafa Jabbar said, for an increased number of subscribers, sometimes it becomes a challenge to maintain high quality for everyone. However, he believes it is possible for GP.

To give importance to data usage, he said that the company should provide good services so that the customers get the real speed of the internet. He asked GP to reduce the data price for the customers.

After the long effort, the operator gets the new serial number series. They will be able to sell 20 million SIM card in this series. However, under the 013 series around 2 crores SIM will be allocated on 0130 and 0131 serial, one crore for each. The operator can not sell any number outside this two serials.

The first call was made by calling 013 at the minister’s office. BTRC Director General (E & A) Brigadier General Md. Mostafa Kamal, Grameenphone Deputy CEO and CMO Yasir Azman and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Mahmud Hossain was attended to the ceremony.