Foldable Smartphone will Reveal by LG Very Soon in the Market!

Any commercial models of any foldable smartphone is still unavailable into the market. But many company like Samsung,  Huawei are working to launch their foldable smartphone. Samsung has announced they will launch their foldable smartphone by this year.  Now LG has revealed that it is also working to introduce its own foldable smartphone.

The executive director of LG Mobile, Hwang Jeong-hwan, has confirmed that the company is working to release a foldable phone at a press conference while launching of its latest phone, the LG V40 ThinQ.

He added that LG will not be the first to launch the foldable device. He said the company will observe customers value regarding this product.After that, company will launch this foldable smartphone into market.

The CEO does not provide extra  information about the device. so it’s not easy to speculate on the specifications of the phone .How look it will be in appearance, it is still unknown to users. It is being speculated that the foldable phone that Samsung and Huawei will bring to be worth $ 1500. But LG authority does not provide any information regarding its costing price.

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