Facebook is Rolling Out  a “3D Photo” Feature

The day of normal photo ends, now post a 3D picture on Facebook.  Now reach into the virtual world posting 3D pictures in news feeds and on the Oculus Go VR headsets web browser or Firefox on the Oculus Rift.

Facebook users can post pictures using different layers In 3D format. “From today, 3D pictures will be reached in news feeds to all the subscribers’. As a result, Facebook customers can post and share 3D pictures in their news feed, the social media giant said in a statement.

These pictures will be produced by measuring the foreground and background distances in any film.  It is possible to take 3D pictures in portrait mode for any dual lens camera. Facebook has specified that  3D photo feature will be supported only in iPhones with dual cameras for now, not all dual-camera phones.

Facebook will allow subscribers to view this photo through virtual reality. This feature can be reached to all customers soon. The 3D photo feature was first announced in the Developer Conference in May this year.