Facebook Implements “Unsend Feature” for Everyone

Facebook authorities are testing the issue to bring back a message already sent to the Facebook messenger. If it is OK,  then users of Messenger will get this facility soon. If you find the error after sending a message to Messenger, you can take it back.

According to a report published on The Verge, Facebook authorities earlier this year said they had secretly deleted some messages sent by their CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Many users have not had the chance to delete messages after sending a message to the general users. If someone deletes a message sent from the inbox, it will be in the recipient’s inbox. In April this year, Facebook authorities said they would bring ‘unsend’ feature for everyone.

TechCrunch, a tech website, has claimed that they have heard about Messenger’s unsend feature.

Technology information provider Jane Macan Wong posted photos of the Unsend feature on Android devices in a tweet. If you want to edit some of the messaging conversations, the ‘unsend message’ will be displayed on ‘delete message’. If you select it, another pop-up box will appear, to confirm that the message is deleted.

Wong claims that the timeframe for removing the message will also be given. This will be similar to ‘Undo Send’ feature of Gmail. The user gets 30 seconds to send it back after sending an email. However, the timeframe of the messenger’s unsend feature has not yet published.

A Facebook spokesman said that Facebook has been experimenting with many products and services internally and then it will be open to the user.