Apple Bought Real-time Video Editing Startup Secretly

Last year Apple bought a Danish startup with a secret. The ‘Spectral’ startup worths $ 300 million. It works with visual effects. The news media fortune’ has informed about this incident. The report said Copenhagen-based startup was acquired in December 2017. Apple has been working with the Augmented Reality.

The news media says the purpose of buying the latest startup is just to use mimoji and facetime for the AR feature in iPhone.

On the other hand, Apple has planned it will bring AR Headset into the market very soon. The smartphone can remove people from the video background by using the Smart Startup Machine Language and Computer Vision Technique.

Spectral says that they are working depending on the state of the art machine learning and computer vision techniques. Earlier Apple had bought a lot of start-ups but did not buy it secretly. Many people say that the main reason behind such acquisitions is to give more importance to AR.

Apple bought German-based startup ‘Sensomotoric Instruments’ last year. Likewise, the company bought ‘Acona holographic’ of the AR lens company last month.